Monday, April 23, 2007
Monday Bullets
1. I've been trying to upgrade my Japanese "7-circles" style.

I bought a book about Japanese grammar and had read it three times already. Only, I cant seem to retain the grammar points. What happens is that, I would read the book but when I encounter the words in real life, it doesn't register and I am left with a vague feeling that "Hmm, I seem to have encountered that word before".

Since I'm more or less forced to study Japanese if I wanted to apply for that high-paying job like I always wanted to - I decide to memorize this book "7-circles" style. I'm currently at the middle of my 3rd circle.

I hope this works otherwise its "sayonara" japan.

2. I have been getting addicted to this game

The time limit is really annoying, but I have this thing for space trade, spaceship simulation games and since this one is free and a MMOG to boot I find myself designing elaborate plans on how to get the "interceptor".

Yes, that excel sheet containing all those numbers is not job-related.

3. It the NBA playoffs. But since I have no cable, I'm using this to watch the games.

My team's performance
Miami - Lost (They might not make the second round)
Nuggets - Won (They might not make the second round)

4. I've been watching anime's. About 200 hours of pure anime pleasure right now. You can find episodes here

I originally watched anime because I wanted to study japanese without having to watch the various TV soaps flying around as a result, the japanese I'm learning isn't what you might call "Business level".

On the other hand, my japanese comprehension has shoot up the roof. It might not be proper japanese but, its japanese just the same.

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