Sunday, March 18, 2007
This is proving to be far more difficult than I thought
[Somethings wrong]

When I was looking at the market, it seems that my skills is a little different than what the market is currently in-vogue so to speak. This is not to say PHP, MySQL skills is worthless, its just that the high paying web-programming jobs requires some form of ASP, Oracle, C# technology.

I'm starting to think I made the wrong career choice somewhere.

Anyway, I've contacted a *lot* of agents. I thought I should do some sort of a full-court press, Search high and low and leave no stone unturned. However, when I was talking to work agents, they advised me to just pick one and work that relationship hard. Otherwise, they tend to lose interest because they know they have lots of "competition" for your service.

Never knew that..

[Zen and the art of faking the interviews]

Ok so I got a few interviews. I thought all of them were good and I was confident in my answers. But some positions, I don't know jack about. You ask me why I'm applying for something I'm not familiar with and all I'm gonna say is, at this point, if you paid me to clean urinals, I'd do it. I'm like -living a life of quiet desperation.

Anyway, later today I have an interview lined up for a management position. They say it involves negotiation with clients and analysis of market forces. Never mind that I don't know anything about market forces. Market forces!?, Can I eat that? haha.. But of course I didn't say that. What I said was my name is "The market force master" Nezha - Able to bring shareholder value and generate profits just like that..

Nya.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.... (thud)

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