Thursday, September 29, 2005
World Chess Championship
Here is my fearless prediction of who will win the world chess championship being conducted in argentina. This year, it is my belief that the winner will be Veselin Topalov.

The sentimental choice would have to be Anand. In truth, my heart goes out for him. He's the most consistent, the highest rated, the "tiger" of madras so to speak. But..I dont know. There seems to be something missing. I cant explain, but when I read his interviews, and see pictures of him, I dont get that feeling that tells you- "Now there's a champion". Maybe he's just too nice.. I dont know..

Anyway, good old Topalov is my current favorite. Because it seems to me that while Anand is the one called tiger, Topalov is the one who actually has the "Eye of the tiger". And he will eat and devour his enemies.. Ahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Topalov as supreme ruler of the world!!!!! All hail topalov!!!!
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Monday, September 19, 2005
Hey Everybody
I'm in japan!!! ehehehe! Im gorging on food right now. Im supposed to be on a diet, and I really3x should diet (Does the word Heart Attack ring any bell?) - but darn it.. the food's just great. Well to my taste that is.

Hope everyones doing well chesswise.. Me, not so good. I'm becoming sooo busy with work, I havent had time to really practice the guitar. And I have just bought a new portable piano too.. Yeah, life is like that sometime.. doesnt want to give you a break when you need one..

But no matter.. I'm here in japan.. whohoo... (Food!!!! nyummm3x) =>
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Monday, September 05, 2005
Temporary Hiatus
One of the reasons I went into chess was that I was really frustrated by my musical development. I had been playing for years, and felt that I had maximized whatever talent I have. So in disgust, I turned my face away from music and into chess.

But being away from music, and not having the burden of trying to improve, have clarified matters, and made known to me I was wrong. I was asking too much out of myself. I wanted to be a professional musician when I neither have the talent nor the time to practice to be at that level. I realize now that its ok for me not to be like that. That I can just enjoy my music, yes even the crappy songs I play, without worrying about such things. So now, I've picked my guitar again and working to get my playing back to where it used to be. This time, it wont matter if my playing is mediocre or is considered offensive to another's ears. I like playing and so I'm gonna play, just because.

This realization also extended to chess. I realize now that I really shouldnt be too obssessed with getting better. I play chess because I like playing. No need for another reason, like wanting to be a master or something. I should play chess because I like playing, period. And it shouldnt matter too if I take a break and my skills diminish(as it will inevitably do). I won't be a professional chess player. Won't even be the club champion. All I can do is enjoy playing and enjoy my place in the chess world. And if I somehow get better someday, then good for me. But I shouldnt be a slave to such things anymore.

Anyway, I have no doubt I will come back again and pick the pieces up. The juices that flows from the competition, the heart stopping moments when you know youre about to win(or lose), are as intense as anything i've experienced. So I have no intention of giving chess up.

Its just that something else is calling me, and i can't it resist anymore. So I am going into a temporary hiatus to give it attention.

But I do hope to see all you guys again when I come back.

Goodluck everybody!
(But now, what do I do with my chess books? All 29 of them?)
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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Before I became a chess addict, I was a really, really serious guitar student(Classical). While I am not the fastest nor the most musically gifted player in the world, I was at a level where I can enjoy playing, for myself and for others. But chess came, and little by litle, my attention shifted. I used to practice for three hours. It gradually became two, then one, then nothing at all as chess demanded more and more of my time. I never minded as I was having a good time playing, but recently I had been longing to pick the guitar again. It sits there in the corner tempting me. "Traitor" it says, but then adds "Pick me again and all is forgiven. You remember the key of E? Yes, I know you do. You always liked playing in the key of E. Play me and see her again. Pleaseee??". How can anyone say no to that? and recently I have been catching myself playing air guitar too.. The only thing stopping me is the knowledge that I havent accomplished everything that I wanted chess-wise. Never did liked quitting.

But my guitar just seems so lonely out there...
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