Monday, October 12, 2009
A Pathetic Display of (Tactical)Power
I've been neglecting tactical study in favor of trying to absorb as much of 'My System' as I can, but I do know that such a thing must not go on indefinitely. 'A strategically won game that was tactically lost' is a theme I'm keenly familiar with.

Anyway, so now I'm trying to do some tactical exercises again. Even bought a book for this purpose. But the book is above my level. Sadly, I don't exists in a world where 10 move tactics are the norm. Give me the 2-move cheapo please!

So I turned to CTS. Now, I think I was one of the very first users of the CTS. I remember using it when the registered members can still fit in a single HTML page. It was good while it lasted, but lately, I find myself preferring chesstempo.

I dunno.. The puzzles seems less problem-like and seems more taken from an actual game to me.

But my current rating blows. Ewww.. a 70% grade will not do.. it will not do at all..

1. Total Rating
Problem Blitz Rating:1377.3
Blitz Av Seconds:20.7
Blitz Attempts:200
Blitz Success Rate:71.5%

2. A score from a typical session
Problem Set: Blitz ( 33299 in set)
Correct: 42 Incorrect: 9 Last Problem: 60751
Last Problem For Session
Session Finished

I hope to improve on this, perhaps a goal of 80% or so? The regimen will be thrice a week for 30minutes per session (About 50 problems)

150 problems at 80% solution rate per week seems good enough. Or good enough just to keep the rust of me anyways.
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  • At 6:10 AM, Blogger dfan

    CTS is good although I too prefer Chess Tempo these days.

    If you want an excellent collection of easy problems I highly recommend the first couple volumes (1a & 1b) of the Chess School series. I reviewed it here.

  • At 7:08 AM, Anonymous IrishGussy

    I find ChessTempo very frustrating. - the continuation line they show is one a computer one pick, not a human
    - many problems finish too quickly.
    CTS problems seem more "human".

  • At 8:31 PM, Blogger Nezha


    Perhaps it has something to do with the problem set?

    I was once rated at around 1500 at CTS and I remember the problems to be somewhat enjoyable. But now that I've plumetted to 1200 or so, it seemed too easy to me or something..

    You might be high-enough that the problem is giving you somewhat of a challenge.

    I'll keep the book in mind when I make my next purchase. thanks.

  • At 8:46 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight

    Those books are the problems in Chess Tactics for Beginners, a great piece of software.