Tuesday, September 15, 2009
At last!! - 1706 - Yay!
1. First - The game itself

2. The result

{Game 383 (mantakaya vs. Andrewer) Andrewer forfeits on time} 1-0
Standard rating adjustment: 1697 --> 1706
Standard rank: 1321/5058 (up 71)
Standard hrank: 1286/5017 (up 71)
You have achieved your best active rating so far.

3. The final position

Black to Move

I thought I was gonna lose this. My last move - g4 was speculative. I didn't know if I can withstand the attack that will surely follow. e.g. 29. g4 Rxf4 30. Bxf4 Bxf4 31. Qxh7 Bxd3+ 32. Kg2

And here, it turned out that the move I was so afraid of - Rd2+ was not possible as the file was blocked by the bishop.. duh! I'll probably hate myself if I lost this game..

Anyway, so it was unclear to me and I was so afraid of the move.. Yet, I still played the g4 as he just had so little time - I thought to tempt him and make him think.. hehe.. relying on time flag is perhaps not such a novel idea, but in this case at least it worked.. >.<

100 more points and I am back..
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