Friday, September 11, 2009
A Pretty Finish - Entombment
Hey, check this out:

Two more moves and he would have been

I am starting to be really aware of the role fast development affects a game and how ta few empo loss is usually fatal. For example, in this game that I lost; I shilly shallied and he got extra turns and it was all downhill from there. I thought I could maintain the pin but it was just a mirage.

It was better to lose positional advantages than to lose time!!

This is will be one of my postulates from now on. When deciding on a move, I will ask, among other things, if the move in question represents a loss of time. It is after all, better to let go of an attack and get a draw than to lose the game entirely. (Of course, the role of tempo had been understood well before, but I have had to come to my now conclusion and to experience something before it could be taken as truth.)

And - Can't wait for my book to arrive. I ordered 'My System', Fishers 'My 60 greatest games', 'The art of sacrifice' and 'Chess cafe tactics book'.. I can fell my ELO expanding already from thinking about all the learning I'm about to receive.. - Mwahahahaha!

Oh, and I saw CelticDeath at FICS btw.. Hat tip to CD.. ;)
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  • At 9:38 PM, Blogger chesstiger

    In the diagram its an old trap shown. I learned it the hard way by falling for that little devlish trap.