Tuesday, May 22, 2007
To pay or not to pay
Matters has been progressing from bad to worst.

Last time, they wanted me to pay $10k dollars and I essentially agreed. However, this was a lot of money and so as usually happens in such cases, I changed my mind. What I did was - I went to the labor center and asked their opinion about the matter.

The labor center, having such good lawyers, patiently listened to my story - then asked my boss's number and then called him to verify my statement.

My ex-boss went ballistic when he got the call. The labor center gave their opinion that what the company is doing is quite illegal, and that the contract they gave me-asking me to pay for damages is invalid. My ex-retarded-boss could not do anything but to stand down and accept the decision of the bureau. However, since he got so angry he threathened to go to another bureau - the immigration, and file a complaint.

I personally think that my case is strong. That he cannot possibly do anything to have me detained to incarcerated.

However: my opponent is japanese, and I am in japan.

To put it in another way: if the situation was reversed, if he was in my hometown and sued me no matter how rightfully, I would win 99 time out of 100.

I am not familiar with the legal system here, nor with the hiring of lawyers and the asking for appointments from high people.

And what if the said high-people just looks at the nationality and judges based on that?

Such things happens..

And if my luck turns out badly: then what do I do?

So: even though I think I have a case and that I feel he can't do anything but huff and puff futilely, I asked the agency to mediate between us. Basically, I said I am gonna pay. Only
can they make the amount smaller?

In this way, I am hoping to bait them into softening their stance. Boy, I sure hope they do. I cant think about anything but this thing. So much so that sometimes I think I can do anything just so I can get over it.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
What a harrowing experience that was
So, okay - I got the new job. I wasnt thinking of accepting it because I know it would cause trouble for my previous employer, and on top of that: I was actually enjoying what I was doing. So I had every intention of turning the job offer down. But when they came to me with an offer significantly higher that what I was hoping for: My eyes saw suddenly saw a cash register going "ka-ching", and I suddenly had this image of me sleeping atop piles and piles of moolah and, well suffice to say, the only words that came out of my mouth that time was "Where do I sign?"

To say that my previous employer didnt take this so kindly would be a major understatement.

He asked to meet me, along with my previous agents for a face-to-face meeting. We met at a train station, and as we were going to the agent's office: he was in my ear the whole time. I was getting embarrassed because people are looking at us and he was like: "You betrayed me", "You're the worst person on the planet", and some other uhm "words" to that effect..

I stayed silent the whole time. Not because I dont have anything to say to him, and is he for real? but because I just zoned him out and was thinking about space ships and stuff. I didnt want to lose my cool before the meeting so.. I just shut my brain down..

Anyway, to make the ling story short, they threatened to suit me. Not only here but also in the Phillippines.


Suddenly, that bed of dollars I was dreaming about suddenly turned into nightmares about me fending sexual assault from various drooling inmates. I was reminded of the film shawshank redemption.

Of course I was scared. This is the first time somebody threatened to do something like this to me. And what if they succeed? I dont have no high-priced lawyer oozing out of my pockets. Plus what if this goes out to my next employer and they decide that its not worth the hassle of hiring me and just fired me?

A really big problem...

But then they told me:

Of course they will not do it in exchange for ..

In exchange for...


Ah... now were talking..

But uhmm.. I dont exactly have that kinda of money lying around. And though, I am essentially breaking my contract prematurely.. there is a prevision there that I can do so provided that I just notify them 1month in advance..

So essentialy, though I am not blameless in all of this.. I feel this is too much..

But.. just so I dont have anymore problems..

Of course I'm gonna pay..

This is a really bad experience.. really2x bad...

from both our sides..

What a harrowing experience that was..
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Thursday, May 03, 2007
I missed my flight
What a bummer,

Today was supposed to be my flight back to japan. I've gone back home on a vacation, and today was supposed to be my flight back "home". So I went to the airport, walked up to the immigration and.. found out that the airport tax and immigration fee wasnt included in the price of the ticket. I assumed all along that it was and so I ended up short of just $10.

For 10 measly dollars, I missed my flight and had to pay another $400 just to buy another ticket..


How careless can one get...
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