Thursday, June 21, 2007
Monday Post
[The Office]
The office is a typical american place I believe. With two metal doors requiring a special key to unlock before you enter (I dont work for a japanese company. I work for the worldwide leader in games. Hint the company name has only two letters)

The athmosphere is very laid back. Everyone looks so friendly. I like it here so much, I could see myself spending the next five years of my life here. This place makes me happy.

There are also two girls among my officemates who makes your heart go bump in the night. Just the other day, one of them walked and unintentionally stared looked at me. There and then, I melted into jelly and forsworn my vows of celebacy--ok, this is a joke. I'm not celebate. I have two kids :) Anyway, the point is that this two is really beautiful. Pretty enough to stop a room full of guys.

But they are not the first ones I noticed when I came to work here during that first day. No siree. No matter how beautiful they are, I only had eyes for--

Oh my gosh! My very own cubicle!!!

How I wept for joy. Ehehehe. If you have ever worked for a typical japanese company, you would understand how I feel (Its difficult to explain it, but think of china and sweat shops and your imagination wont be far behind)

Ahhh, the leg room, feel the leg room.

One can find me deep into the night, my face pressed besides my beloved cubicle. I keep telling it things like "Ohhh baby, I wont let you go"

Do you love me cubie? Because I love you. Never let me go. Mwah3x!!

[Xenophobic Japanese]
You know, Japan is a pretty good place to live in. The people are courteous and tries to keep one welcome. However, sometimes part of me feels as if underneath all that, there is somewhere deep within the minds of the japanese people a part that resents foreigners.

There is nothing you can see. No hard proof that it exists. But I could site a hundred "small, unintended" things that makes you go "hmm". Although, they try hard to make appearances and make it appear there is no such thing.

However, there is one area where keeping appearances is forgotten and japanese xenophobia is in full bloom.

It is in the real-estate industry.

There are a lot of vacant apartments here. A lot. You can find all kinds, in all shapes, in all the colors of the rainbow. In every city, you can see realtor offices camping besides train stations like a bunch of spiders. Hoping to snag an unwitting soul to go and rent an apartment.

Too bad they wont rent it to foreigners though.

I keep asking myself why? Is our soul so tainted that even our money can't be accepted!? "Yeah you leper. Go git your money and shove it. Kapow!"

Dang Japanese. Are you guys aware that your population is actually shrinking!? Who may I ask will rent all those rows of houses? The next generation!?


Ok, Alright -- I'm just blowing off steam here because I got turned down for the nth time trying to rent an apartment.

Yeah well, you can refuse me and my money anytime. I will take my revenge someday. In fact I will take my revenge now by throwing this empty bottle I hold in my hand into the "for plastics" garbage bin. There, how do you like that huh!? Wont rent to me ey! Take that bottle you you.. xenophobic you.

Bah humbug!

[I'm getting Old]
You know why I know I'm getting old? Its not because my hair is starting to show whites. Or how pain mysteriously appears at the back of my body. Or how, I find I can't ride roller coasters anymore. These things can be explained . I mean, I can still lie to myself and find a hundred different excuses why I'm suddenly avoiding such thrills.

But the other day, I was walking down the isle inside an electronics store. Stopped for a moment to gather my breath, looked to my left absent-mindedly and lo! the most stunning sight that ever graced my eyes was reveled.

There in all its multi-colored glory is a 37inch Bravia TV.

Oh My Goodness!!! Hubba2x. My tongue practically touched the ground. Saliva oozzing all over. Yup, I fell in love with a plain old vanilla television.

I still remember a time when I would throw a tantrum just so my mother wont bring me to go window shopping appliances. And here I am, doing the exact same thing. Now if that wasnt a sign of old age, I dont know what is.

[My First Salary]
Hey guys, do you know what today is?

Today is my very first salary for this company!!

Yess, Kiyai! Kampai!!! (Fist pump)

I'm gonna buy me a Wii, a Ps3 and a bravia TV. Mwahahaha! But no XBox - Gosh I hate Microsoft.

Then I'm gonna buy a polisher and go polish my cubie.

Anyway dont tell this to my wife. I told her I aint got no'mo money :)

All my money is for my cubie. Everything for my cubie.

- fin -

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Friday, June 01, 2007
Time trouble
1. Time Trouble

Have you been in the situation where you are winning a chess game. The position is overwhelmingly in your favor. Only you cant figure out the win? You just feel its somewhere in there, but where!? Only, you are very low on time. You have only 5min to the opponents 1hour and you are getting nervous because you are starting to doubt yourself if you can find the win in so short a time.

I guess this is whats happening now to me. You know about my work troubles and how my previous company wanted to sue me. Well, I did everything I could reasonably do. I went to the labor center, went to the embassy to ask for support, went and told my new employer what happened. All indications, and everybody I talked to said that the case is really in my favor.


You just know there is a but somewhere there.

But, I am running out of time and funds. My first salary wont be until the 25th, and its only the 1st. If somehow my opponent did something that will require me to pay a large sum of money between now and then, something big like oh.. went ahead and really filed that suit against me, necessitating me to obtain the services of a lawyer - My finances will collapse.

Now, even though things are really quiet right now - I am not naive to think that they will suddenly get tried of things and just leave me be. Things are actually too quiet for my taste. It tells me something big is gonna do down sometime sooner or later

I just hope its later rather than sooner.

2. My work

Not all is depressing stuff however. The bright side to things is that I'm really enjoying my new work and is convinced that everything that happened will be worth it if I can continue working like this for at least a year or two.

My actual job title is "SoftwareEngineer 3". However, my actual job is more like being an Server Admin. Or rather a desktop help? Or tech support? Coming from 10 years of software development background, I could say that this is way cooler :)

Well, I mean creating little software modules is satisfying in its own way, however - building things, troubleshooting problems, and connecting computers to the network seems to me to be much more fun. Its either that or my previous jobs really sucked and I just didnt know it then.

Plus - My next job is gonna be far, far, far more high paying after this :)

Hehehehe.. Of course I'm plotting my next few moves even now. Yeah, I'm happy here and I couldnt imagine transferring again. But I didnt imagine getting sued either. Its better to have a plan-B all the time, If you know what I'm saying.

Tactics are the result of attacking two things both at the same time. This is Chess-101.

Everyone should have a Plan-A and a Plan-B


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