Monday, October 31, 2011
Lacking control. A simple trap. Hoping as a Strategy
I am frustrated by my play in that I seem to lack any control over the game. Always it all comes down to a cheap trick or a blunder. My games does not feel solid to me. And when I say solid, I mean something like I'm in control for majority of the game. Like Tarrasch who gradually cripples the opponents position and then the final king-side attack.

Like, take here my latest game. I got pulverized in the opening. But due to a series of clever knight maneuvers I managed to equalize and finally we ended up with this

I was white.

My opponent really had a lot of potential to cause trouble. I do have some chances too of course owning to the past pawn but I think this should have been drawn with careful play.

So I did what I always seem to do - set up a trap involving a discovered check. Can you figure out what it is?

(How about now?)

I was hoping he'll get greedy and take the pawn. Hoping for something is not strategy but well, at least solving tactics puzzle is paying off though.

(Final Position)

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    Hi Nezha,
    How are you doing?

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