Saturday, October 10, 2009
Its amazing what a little foresight can do
My Last game

The starting position

He wants to take the b-pawn. That much is certain. And coupled that with the pressure on the f7-pawn, it appears that white has a good game.

It is here where I felt a difference in my play. Before, I would consider moves like rb8 or qc8 to defend that pawn, I instead searched for a way in which I can take advantage if he really took that b-pawn.

I saw a line in which it appears I can activate my pieces and put pressure to him instead. He fell into it hook, line, and sinker.. Now, it is not a mating attack, nor was there a win in the end(The fact that he blundered on the very next move does not invalidate this fact). I just thought that the resulting position is better than the current position (Though I would lose a pawn).

What I foresaw, and what happened.

It's a good feeling.. to be able to see a plan and for events to fall into place. I mean, isn't this position better than the starting one? I think it is..

More importantly I should ask myself, isn't that improvement? To be able to take delight on such a small matter. But ah, it is part of the system.

'It is psychologically valuable to develop to the greatest length the faculty of being able to rejoice over small advantages. The beginner only "rejoices" when he an call checkmate to his opponent, or perhaps still more if he can win his queen. The master on the other hand is quite pleased, in fact royally content, if he succeed in spying the shadow of an enemy pawn weakness, in some corner of the board. The optimism here characterized is the indispensable psychological basis of positional play'

The other thing apart for being able to rejoice over small advantages is that lately, I am not anymore averse to losing my queen. In fact, it make no difference to me.. Well, it does. I still prefer a game with queens on board. But if it brings me a good position, so be it. This extends to exchanging in general. Massive exchanges that bring the endgame nearer is not to be feared anymore.

Like this game, the minor pieces are all gone by move 17.

The fact of the matter is, I realized that yes! one can win without bishops or knights on board, and I had better start learning how.
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