Sunday, September 27, 2009
House is flooded
There is a continuous three day rain here. The result of which is that the whole village was flooded. We are in waist deep water. No kidding. The official measurement is our area is submerged by 6 feet. Wow! (So if I keep getting disconnected, you guys know the reason already)

Ok, so the world is flooded, and what do people like me do when faced with this situation? - I just played 8 hours of chess.. har har..

But, it might be that fortune frowned upon such insensitive behavior so much so that I went on a losing streak. It got so bad that by the end of it, I purposely went for a draw, and on another, I was actually happy I won when my opponent when he forfeited by disconnection.. :(

It wasn't so much as the loses, what gets to me is that I just studied so hard just before playing. I went through entire chapters of 'My System', did some tactical exercises, and basically pumped myself up to play - all to no avail.

In order not to get so down, I just reminded myself that everyone goes through such things and that tis part of learning.

Anyway - it was good that afterward I was able to play this game. This time, I forced myself to go slower. I literally walked away after some moves just so I can restrain my hands from moving the pieces.

And then after that, I played with someone who told me that he is a reader of the blog. Oh hey 'IrishGussy'. Lets play again sometime.

Our game

The critical position

Can I safely take the e-pawn? And which knight?

What I was most afraid of was that after Nfxd5 then Qh5 with fantastic pressure. In the end, after everything, the game went into an endgame which I felt I should win if I just carefully and avoided forks.

Oh, is a queen vs knight ending a draw or a win?

I think whats wrong is that apart from moving too fast - I think I'm moving slow enough and yet FICS timestamp indicates I'm doing just shy of a minute per move, far too fast.. - what's wrong is I am not able to retain what I just studied. I mean all those chapters I read was just a distant echo when I'm already in the board. Wonder how to retain the knowledge better and apply practically.

(fyi - someone aborted a game with me because he said i was too slow. Go figure.)
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  • At 2:53 PM, Blogger chesstiger

    If i am not mistaken knight versus queen is won by the queen if the queen doesn't fall in a fork.

    Secondly i want to say to watch out for to high expectations after studying chess and immediatly playing afterwards. You may know what you have studied but implementing it in your game doesn't go immediatly. It takes some to for the coin to fall.