Monday, April 23, 2007
Monday Bullets
1. I've been trying to upgrade my Japanese "7-circles" style.

I bought a book about Japanese grammar and had read it three times already. Only, I cant seem to retain the grammar points. What happens is that, I would read the book but when I encounter the words in real life, it doesn't register and I am left with a vague feeling that "Hmm, I seem to have encountered that word before".

Since I'm more or less forced to study Japanese if I wanted to apply for that high-paying job like I always wanted to - I decide to memorize this book "7-circles" style. I'm currently at the middle of my 3rd circle.

I hope this works otherwise its "sayonara" japan.

2. I have been getting addicted to this game

The time limit is really annoying, but I have this thing for space trade, spaceship simulation games and since this one is free and a MMOG to boot I find myself designing elaborate plans on how to get the "interceptor".

Yes, that excel sheet containing all those numbers is not job-related.

3. It the NBA playoffs. But since I have no cable, I'm using this to watch the games.

My team's performance
Miami - Lost (They might not make the second round)
Nuggets - Won (They might not make the second round)

4. I've been watching anime's. About 200 hours of pure anime pleasure right now. You can find episodes here

I originally watched anime because I wanted to study japanese without having to watch the various TV soaps flying around as a result, the japanese I'm learning isn't what you might call "Business level".

On the other hand, my japanese comprehension has shoot up the roof. It might not be proper japanese but, its japanese just the same.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
(Yet Another Darn Interview)


He was wearing a "Bindi".

The red dot on the forehead of the man who entered the room sucked my attention like a magnet. Having been turned down for a position a week ago, I tried applying for this indian company. I don't particularly like indian companies, and I can't recall ever saying to myself "When I grow up, I wanna work for Indians", but the shock of that letdown was that large I guess.

Hey gimme a break ok, some people go on drinking binges when they have problems. Me, I just go and talk with a guy name Arnu.

Anyway, the interview proceeded in roughly in this manner:

Mgr: (Enters, sits and immediately looks at his cellphone)
Me: Stands, tries to extend hand.. blinks.. then after awhile sits..
Mgr: You uhh. *grunts* like japan
Me: Yeah, definitely.. I like it here and..
Mgr: (interrupts).. Really.. (smirks)

What was that? I was taken aback. I was thinking to myself, what's this guy doing? Is this how you treat a guy who you've just met? Granted this is an interview but, c'mon now. You know if my mother saw us, I can just imagine her saying "Ay hijo, walang breeding" (note: something like: He got no manners)

But maybe it was just a show right? I used to be a supervisor and when I was interviewing applicants, I sometimes pull the same shtick. Make them sweat a little you know. So I just smiled sweetly and proceeded to ignore his gruntings. I took a day off for this, and it seems such a waste to just walk away from there. Which admittedly I was tempted to do. But it was a good thing I didn't walk out it turned out. I learned a lot about Indian companies at that time (Yes, I've formed a stereotype from this encounter)

Like - It was true what they said - Indian interviews tends to be technical. I haven't felt so tested like this in a long time. I mean, next thing I know I was drawing the waterfall model, explaining quality targets, if I programmed using threads, etc.. etc.. He even paused periodically, shows me his cell phone and asked me to translate the text contained there. (My tongue got itchy speaking so much Japanese)

But the killer was when he even asked me to describe MOAP (Note: A library used in cellular phone development). Que horror - I already forgot what MOAP was.. agk.. I was forced to
scrape together some stuff, throw it at him and hope it sticks..

Anyway, after an hour the interview came to an end at last, or so I thought. After 10min he came back with a newspaper and asked me read it. Which I did... for about 5 sentences. C'mon, if that was an engineering specs, I would have chewed it like a juicy fruit. But a newspaper?
Thats like setting me up to fail. Why? Maybe because I only know work-related Japanese? Grumble2x.

I mean I don't read those stuff. I'm not interested where Rika Ishikawa is now. I'm married and so I have no interest in other girls. None whatsoever. Zip. Nadda.

Uhm.. Yes, my wife is reading this. So? I don't see why that has anything to do with it.


(Btw: I bet you're google'ingRika Ishikawa right now)

Anyway, leaving my incredulousness aside:

[Where do we go from here]
Well, I still got a job. The money isn't so high but I'm able to save a few bucks now and then..
and yes, if you hadn't noticed, I'm convincing myself to stay. After what happened, I ain't gonna work for that dude. A pity cause despite all that, I think he liked me. You don't spend an hour and then come back test me again if you don't right? And besides "You only hurt the one you love".. hehe.. I sensed he was half-convinced I was the right man for the job, and he was just making sure.

A pity I don't feel like it anymore..

But now, I felt like the runners who followed Forrest Gump. When Forrest stopped running they're like "Nowhatdowedo?"

So yeah - Now what?

This post is supposed to be before the "I got the job" post. Which means that after this, yes I got this job. And even though I said here I ain't gonna work for that dude, I'm still getting tempted. I'm still thinking right now whether to accept or not. I got until the end of the month to decide.
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Friday, April 13, 2007
Whats happening
When I first started this blog, it was under the assumption that nobody cared. I can still remember the time when I would click on my link all day so my page "hits" will improve. There literally was nobody reading this except me and perhaps some of the knights. Anyway, since I operated under that impression, this resulted in two things
1. I can write what I want because: hey nobody cares, who reads this except me?
2. I can not write and stop whenever I want because: hey nobody cares, who reads this except me?

(Of course it was true that when from time to time, people would leave a comment, I was jumping for joy. I mean, at least somebody got interested enough to waste their time on me)

However, I think I am the sort of person who can only right what is inside. I couldn't really create things and situations all by myself without experiencing them, or at least seeing or hearing about them myself.

Which brings me to my point:

Its just that my interest in chess has waned this past few months, and as a result I couldnt possibly write about it. Or I could write about it, but it wouldnt offer anything new. There are only so many ways that I can describe my CTS progress after all.

For that: I apologize to my reader(s?)

I had been debating whether to continue writing about chess or whether to write about something else. Previously I would not have thought anything about it because: hey nobody cares, who reads this except me? But I realize their maybe one or two who reads this blog and wonders what the hell is happening with it.

Life happened

Anyway, I can completely stop writing until such a time when the games calls me again or - I could write whats happening to my life. Not because I want people to read about me, but because I find it helps me think when I write about stuff.

I choose to write about some of the things that interests me now.

Pleasant chess to all.

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Monday, April 09, 2007
What had nezha wrought!!

First I'll tell you a little story...

Remember back in college where you used to go out with this girl. You just liked hanging out with here and stuff, only it turns out she was beginning to think you were her boyfriend. only you didn't know it cause you never thought of her that way. And then you hear people talking about you two and as you're walking down the corridor. You suddenly realized "Oh no, what have I done". Only you didn't know how to tell her because you actually liked her - But not in that way and you know it was your fault for not setting things straight anyway. But you just get this sinking feeling and it gets heavier and heavier and.. oh no.. what are you gonna do?

Have you had that kind of feeling in any time of your life?

If you have then good. You'll know what I'm talking about..

Ok here it is. Here is the point of the previous paragraph..

I *got* the job..

But oh no.. what have I done..

I've actually succeeded in convincing myself to stay here. And that I tried to like working here and stuff. And because of that it came to the point that I *actually* like it here now..

But oh no.. They say they found a new client for me.. everything is ready and of course the money is good.. and I actually also like that job...

And now this stupid song keeps floating in my head..
"How can I tell her about you.. Oh girl please tell me what to do.."


You never know what you're gonna get..

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