Friday, April 13, 2007
Whats happening
When I first started this blog, it was under the assumption that nobody cared. I can still remember the time when I would click on my link all day so my page "hits" will improve. There literally was nobody reading this except me and perhaps some of the knights. Anyway, since I operated under that impression, this resulted in two things
1. I can write what I want because: hey nobody cares, who reads this except me?
2. I can not write and stop whenever I want because: hey nobody cares, who reads this except me?

(Of course it was true that when from time to time, people would leave a comment, I was jumping for joy. I mean, at least somebody got interested enough to waste their time on me)

However, I think I am the sort of person who can only right what is inside. I couldn't really create things and situations all by myself without experiencing them, or at least seeing or hearing about them myself.

Which brings me to my point:

Its just that my interest in chess has waned this past few months, and as a result I couldnt possibly write about it. Or I could write about it, but it wouldnt offer anything new. There are only so many ways that I can describe my CTS progress after all.

For that: I apologize to my reader(s?)

I had been debating whether to continue writing about chess or whether to write about something else. Previously I would not have thought anything about it because: hey nobody cares, who reads this except me? But I realize their maybe one or two who reads this blog and wonders what the hell is happening with it.

Life happened

Anyway, I can completely stop writing until such a time when the games calls me again or - I could write whats happening to my life. Not because I want people to read about me, but because I find it helps me think when I write about stuff.

I choose to write about some of the things that interests me now.

Pleasant chess to all.

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  • At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer

    Hey man, it is your blog. And you can do whatever you want with it :-)

    If it helps you think to write about whatever stuff, then why shouldn't you?

    Take care!

  • At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    I suppose my comment to the previous blog is the inspiration for this lastest post. Did you know that there is a link to your blog in the chess section of You're almost famous, fifteen minutes counting down. Actually this post reminds me of an identical statement made by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh when he deviates on to topics like football. (Of course he always returns to his political subject matter.)

    I've always thought his view on talking about the things he is passionate about was the right way to go so I would have to say the same to you. Like the saying goes "Do what you love."

    Your interest waned the minute you hit 1800 on FICS? Hmmmmm. Rather curious. Doesn't sound like just life happening to me. After all life was happen before you started the blog and all throughout it.

    The fire of chess has cooled. Maybe just burnout. It does seem like you were putting alot into it. A friend of mine once stopped playing because "Chess is bottomless. There is no end to it. No way to find it all."(Not sure I agree with that though) When Kasparov said he was retiring Anand reported he(Anand) sometimes feels burnt out.

    I cannot read the substance of your last few blogs and believe the motive is to help you think. But I'm sure the expression does serve some purpose.

    Didn't you leave a post about liking George R.R. Martin's Sword of Fire and Ice series? You might want to read through the fantasy section of this guy: really good author but can't get published. I'm getting the feeling you might like him alot. Really he seem right up your alley. December, December Nights, Beast of winter, (read all three in that order)and the Crusade series(AWESOME!!) are particularly good and creative. Also the Horror section has some good stuff like Hope. Very talented.

    He is definately a person who can create things and situations all by himself. But like you I think life has drawn him away from writing on his site for a time.

    Marcellus Wallace

  • At 7:37 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight

    I enjoy the periodic updates about the strange work situation (though do miss the Nezha of a few months ago who was posting some of the best chess content around).

    Keep us up to date on what is going on, and as you know lack of comments on such doesn't indicate a lack of reading going on.