Wednesday, March 07, 2007
My First Interview
So I did my first interview today.

-- Going there --

The place where I was gonna meet the agent was located near central Tokyo station. It was supposed to be at 9:00am so the commute ran smack into rush hour. When I say rush hour, boy do I mean rush hour. The hordes of Japanese trying to cram themselves into trains is a sight to behold.

The train I was in was so densely packed, the term "man-to-man" and "chest-to-chest" took on a whole new level of meaning. I mean, I think I now know the reason why the Japanese walks a little bit differently.

You know why?

If you have to ride that train everyday with somebody's hands stuck up your ass, you'll start walking funny too. Man, what an uncomfortable ride that was. But the worst thing of all was, you have your own hands touching the person in front of you where the sun doesn't shine. Eewue!

It would had been alright if it was a babe. That would had been awesome. But nooo.. of course the person in front of me just have to be an old geezer *shivers*.. He kept giving me this dirty look. But what was I supposed to do? I can't even move for crying out loud. Its not like I wanted to touch him anyway.

The next time I ask for an interview, I'm gonna insist for an afternoon session.
(That reminds, I need to wash my hands.. brr..)

-- The interview --

The interview itself was a rather bland affair. How many times have I gone to a meeting like this and heard the same question over and over again. "Describe yourself", "Why are you changing jobs", "Can you work within a team?", etc.. etc.. blah blah blah..

Meeh, I've given the same answers over and over again I can repeat it in my sleep.

However lets stop here for a moment. I want to tell you something:

I run Linux in my notebook, read open source news everyday and generally leans towards the ideals of the FSS foundation. Of course, in stereotypical fashion - I hate Microsoft. Its an irrational hate really. Microsoft haven't done anything to hurt me personally. I don't even know the company that much (Besides whats popularly written). Perhaps its result of my long association with Linux that I started hating them out of "principle".

Anyway, to continue my post, can you guess what company is it I'm applying to now?

Yup you guessed - The very same Microsoft.

Sssh! Don't tell this to anybody. They might not hire me. Nyehehehe..

Its like that girl who doesn't give you the time of the day. Only you see her walking around with this ugly, fat dude and you couldn't understand why she hangs around him. Until you see his Mercedes that is.

Oh the injustice - Is everything really about money?

But Mr. Microsoft guy, I wont hate you anymore. Just hire me ok!?


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  • At 8:05 AM, Blogger Fierabras

    If you are in need of a good laugh, you might want to read Microserfs by Douglas Coupland. In a way this post reminded me of the book.

  • At 8:08 AM, Blogger Fierabras

    On a sidenote: In Japan in 2001, Coupland published God Hates Japan, a Japanese language novel done in collaboration with Vancouver computer animator Michael Howatson.

    Strange coincidence...