Wednesday, February 21, 2007
She's baaacckkk..
Remember last time I ranted about my my work? How one co-worker wanted me remove a particular function. The official reason is that its not in the specification. And I would understand if it was some complicated logic, however the said function was only a date-verification logic. It was all so simple.. took me half an hour to create it. But I suspect she didn't want to do it, not only because she didn't want to but because she can't. If something is so easy you'd have just done it already right?

But she did what anybody would do in her position. She talked with the suits and asked them permission to just remove the said function.

Huh!? I mean, you create a website with a date input and does not provide a way to verify if its really a date the user is entering?

Programs like that shouldn't be allowed to come into existence and so I couldn't bring myself to do it - that's just wrong. So I just ignored her "order" and submitted my work with that dang verification logic intact.

Well, she's back.

Dang it.

I've created this web site you see using a PHP/PostgreSQL combination. The database is embedded in the PHP file. The point of contention now is - they want me to create a class encapsulating all the related logic - which I dutifully did. But it seems it wasn't enough. They ordered this very same co-worker to review my code and pick the part I have to put on inside the class.

It's giving me the hebbie gebbies. I mean, you couldn't even create a date verification logic and now you are gonna teach me all about programming?

Well excuuuuseeee me!

Besides I've been programing in C++ since I'm in college and I'm here to tell anyone who would care to listen that there is a proper place and time for using class-based logic. Everyone likes to OOP everything - but sometimes it just doesn't make sense to create the extra complexity just for its sake.

So yes this means - I will not in any way, form, shape or manner accept whatever "recommendation" she puts forth.

Perhaps I can get fired - but I am an "artiste" (grin). I consider software I write to be an extension of my creative personality. I find it near impossible to mangle my own programs: perhaps even at the cost of being fired.

I don't like to be fired, but we'll see.

We'll we did the meeting and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. What she said was logical and it contains some of the things I was thinking of doing: which being the lazy ass I am, don't do. Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any problem with me following the instructions this time.

Boy am I glad to have avoided unnecessary conflicts.

To anyone who tells me to *just* follow instruction because management said so: All I can say is.. You must really have no confidence in your abilities, nor any respect for your own opinion. For example, it would cause me trouble if I were to get fired but I have every reason to expect to get another job within a few weeks - so that doesn't scare me. And I value my own opinion as much as another. All orders must be of reasonable soundness otherwise, I just wont follow them. As they say: Tyranny is only possible if someone permits it so.

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