Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Pursuit of Happiness
A Film Review

I watched The Pursuit of Happiness last night. All I can say is that its good. It's really good. Its so good, I will not watch it again. Eh! Why? Well lets just say that after watching this film, I found myself wanting to smoke uh.. a certain herb with healing properties.

Seriously, what a depressing movie this is. A full two hours of misery upon misery being heaped upon our lovable actor Will Smith. Man, I love will smith, been following him since the "Fresh Prince of Belair" days - but this movie is so painful I almost couldn't complete it. After 90minutes, I was shouting "Enough, enough, oh please enough already".

The last rocky movie was like this. It was also good at showing you such a depressing tale, but this movie takes the cake. I mean, if you could create a list of the most horrible things you can inflict on your worst enemy, this movie might have contained them all. Lets see -

  1. left by wife? check
  2. Broke? check
  3. No friends? check
  4. No Job? check
  5. Various properties being stolen? check
  6. Slept on the comfort room? check
  7. With a kid but with no future in sight? check
  8. Life seems ok one day, then bam! everything falls into pieces? check,check and check.
(All thats needed is to replace Will Smith with Michael Douglas, and this film could had been the prologue for falling down)

What that pfft!!

This film almost killed me.

So I'm out - I need to go and rent me some comedy.
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