Thursday, February 01, 2007
How to become a Deadly Chess Tactician is latin for
Yet another middle game book...

So a month ago, I was in this horrible losing streak right. I lost 20games in a row. It didn't matter who my opponent was. 1200players, 1400players, 1800players. Everybody wiped the floor of me. A lot of player boosted their rating points during that streak (So if you're one of those players, this will be a perfectly good time to send me a personal thanks :p) . Anyway, so In desperation I bought a book. The famed "How to become a Deadly Chess Tactician". I bought this instead of "My System" as I originally planned because who doesn't want to become a deadly chess tactician? Anybody? yeah, I didn't think so too.

Anyway, I started winning again and went 18-2 for the next twenty games after that. So I promptly forgot all about the book. That is, until it got delivered two days ago. Wow, a new book. wooo groovy. So I opened it and skimmed the contents lightly to get a feel of what I'm gonna be "learning" from it.

The introduction seemed promising enough. The author said he got 900 games all with sacrifices and he was gonna show it to "motivate" us into becoming Deadly Chess Tactician. Sounds good no? Cool.

So I started viewing the games, and its full of analysis, and wait a minute? I have to go through these games one by one? How many games did he say are there again? 900?

Shite, it sounds like work.. man, it is work.. =<

So now, the book is alongside that Tolstoy book, and the "To dance with the white dog" book, that I had been meaning to re-read for a long time now (and no, I wont tell whether or not I have magazines containing uh.. models. You don't need to know these things)

But so I don't leave you hanging, and if you are thinking of buying it too, then I will summarize the premise of the book to help you decide:

"How do you become a deadly chess tactician? - Practice, you gotta practice".
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