Sunday, January 21, 2007
Because its there II
I've been browsing the CTS rankings recently and I found myself getting envious of the top players. I thought Tempo has the most number of tries only to find that not only is he not the top ranked, but he is actually fourth. Fourth? Shite, who are these people? Are they even working? Heavens, CTS should give them a watch or something.

Top Players
  • clyk 92,117 63%
  • Oberdan 82,643 74%
  • wormwood 73,972 78%
  • Temposchlucker 70,136 80%

Anyway, I don't think I will try to achieve that. Its not that its not possible. Its just that it will take too long to get such high volumes. Me being a product of "Be-friggin-rich-in-five-friggin-days" would lose interest if I try to engage in such a campaign. So what I will try is to lower it a bit.

I want to be the 100th top ranked CTS player in terms on tries.

The player currently in the 100th spot is KuritovGM with 11,941. Hah! I'm now at 5408. Just another 5000 tries. Chicken feed.. So beware Mr. KuritovGM your spot is in danger. Nezha is eyeing it hungrily.. mwahahaha!!!!

I may have achieved a new low in nerdyness..

Wait, I just realized.. it took me 2 years to get my 5000 tries...


Err.. What did I get myself into?

Here is my profile:
  • Tries: 11,942++
  • Rating: 90%

Now - before anyone goes ballistic and tries to say that CTS doesn't help raising chess strength, let me point out the title of this post. I never said anything about no raising chess strength or training didn't I? Hah! Oh, you thought this was about chess didn't you.. Double hah!

This ain't nothing to do bout no chess training.

I'm doing this simply:

Because its there...

-- fin --
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  • At 8:26 AM, Blogger wormstar

    okay, now I understand what the 'top players' thing was about...

    5000 tries. that takes 2-3 weeks. :)

    nice 'for the birds' theme.