Wednesday, January 31, 2007
A Sample Attacking Game
Here is a game I played last night wherein I was trying to create complications. Now I happen to think that this was wild and dangerous enough, however comparing it with some of the games of someone who's an old hand at this, say Takchess, it looks tame by comparison.

1. My heart was beating so fast, it was going baboom, baboom, babooom! And its only move 15. I try to play as concentrated as possible, but this feeling is different. The amount of nervous energy I felt was awesome.

2. I sacrificed two pawns initially to get open lines to the enemy king, and I was prepared to sacrifice even more. However, I haven't calculated all the lines. I didnt even know how to proceed if my opponent chose the strongest defense. I was scared because I just knew if I dont find the most precise lines I would lose.

But this goes for both of us. If he didnt find the correct defense he will also lose. Double edged, cut-both-ways like. But you know what? He fell into a mate-in-1. Which goes to show you - During an attack, the attacker always have the advantage. It is very2x difficult to solve negative problems over the board.

Know what else? I myself didnt notice there was a mate there. When I moved that knight, I went "Whooah". I literally suddenly stood up because of shock. I thought I was the one mated. What I would have given to see the face of my opponent :)

But I half-wished he played the strongest move so I get to play the bishop sacrifice.

3. Playing games like this is really2x instructive. There are certain things you only get through experience. The proper way to conduct an attack is one of them I think. You can solve all the tactical puzzles in the world if you want to, but if you dont try and create them over the board, if you only wait for blunders, then more often than not the tactics will not appear for you.

You know combining pieces takes skill. Particularly if there was no immediate mate possible. Chess puzzles are like "sac-sac-mate", however in games thats rarely the case. More often than not, you onlt get the initiative. But once you have the initiative, the generation of threats and the proper way to combine the pieces uses a diffrent skill than the one used in "sac-sac-mate" combos. This skill you dont just get reading books.

You have to actually do it - only then you learn it.

Or at least, this is whats happening to me.

When I was thinking of how to continue the attack, and when I was analyzing this with crafty - I can feel my cranium expanding. It was like "Yes, yes I get it.. ahahaha!! yessss...". Like that..

The next time I do this I hope I can apply what I learned from this game.


The game itself:

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