Thursday, February 08, 2007
Friday In Love
-- But first --

Anyone interested should go read Karpyan's Post. It reflected what happened to me too. Namely too much intense training drove me nuts.

Chess improvement is like a marathon I think. The idea of pacing yourself is important. It is much more effective for someone to do tactics a little bit each day, than to do it for intensely for 6 months and then stop (Like what I did). I cant help but think that If I only just spread my tactical training for two years, a little bit each day, I would be much stronger now. Much2x stronger.

One thing I can charge to experience I guess.

-- Friday In love --

There was this restaurant i'm eating at and there is this waitress there.. shes like "whoowa!, girl you're seriously driving me nuts". Like that, because she's so pretty. With slanted eyes and dark long hair, A typical Japanese girl. Anyway, so I made a habit of eating there everyday. I even chose the table facing the counter (Big grin). Anyway, she disappeared for a few weeks so I thought "bummer, she quit the job" and so I stopped going. The food is great, but its not that great if you still haven't gotten my drift. But anyway, today I suddenly craved for Adobo (A chicken-based curry) and went there and guess what?

Shes right there at the door!!!

She smiled, as all waitress do right? its not because its me right? and I think she said "Irashaimase!!" but all I can hear was "I missed you sir" hehe.. I melted into a puddle and briefly died with my mouth open.. I couldn't help smiling at her, I even had that stupid smile on my face the whole time I was eating..

Shoot, I'm such a total give away..

But she smiled and said she missed me so I'm happy.

Huh!? What do you mean she didn't say no such thing? I heard it, and it happened you hear me? No, I'm not listening to anymore of your "arguments".

(Nezha puts his palms in his ear and shouts repeatedly "I can't hear you, I can't hear you")
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  • At 7:33 PM, Blogger Edukator

    My guess is that there is more said by actions than words.

    Perhaps you might understand a story I have when I first went to a cultural festival on a first date with a woman who, unbeknowist to me, would someday be my wife (and who is originally from the Philippines). Thinking I was sly I went right to the Philippines tent and asked an older man at the door how to say "Thank You" in Tagalog so I could look a bit more worldly. He smiled and said..."you say 'mahal kita'".

    Sooo...each time I was given food in the Philippine tent I politely said "Mahal kita" to the lady and left, curious as to why the lady looked at me in such a bizzare way and my new date looked embarrassed.

    Finally an older lady giggled and yelled "you should say that to HER (pointing to the lady who would someday be my wife) not me...I'm married to that guy (pointing to the now laughing man who played a very cruel joke on me). The whole tent errupted at the entire event!

    As it turns out, as you probably know, "Mahal Kita" does not mean "thank you" at all...but "I love you"

    Point being...almost all of the women new I meant "thank you" by my actions...but were never really sure. Thank goodness they (and my date) knew my actions more than my words!!