Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Wednesday Ramblings
1. No will today
Hmmm, something has happened to me lately. I came home one night, turned on the computer as I always do, and logged on to FICS. Only I cant get myself to type "seek 30/30". So I took a walk outside, came back for after an hour and tried again. Again, I cant do it. Hmmm, maybe I need to take a few weeks break to recharge.

2. CTS
I've been doing CTS everyday. Its fun you know, CTS I mean. Its like playing a real chess game, only you get to skip the openings and all the boring stuff and proceed directly into the combination part. But its funny because I take my time and ignore the clock, and these are supposed to be really easy problems - but still I'm hovering at 86% for a long time now. Is this my peak tactical-searching efficiency I wonder. If I am mistaken 1/5 o the time at CTS - then my rating will not go up even if become the greatest strategical expert in the world. I mean, this tactics should be "easy".. there is no excuse not to have higher hit rate.

I will try to reach 90% and keep it for a few months. Lets see the effect that will have on my chess (If I'm still playing by then)

3. How to become a deadly chess tactician
I decided to view the games on the HTACT book after all. I paid $30 so I'm disinclined to waste it. Right now, I'm on the dynamic romantic chapter with Kasparov as the main protagonist. Perhaps I'll write a more comprehensive review after I go deeper into the games.

Its just right now other than CTS and the book - I just don't have much taste for chess..
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