Monday, February 12, 2007
Teaching C++
We'll I am finally gonna do it. I've been putting off as long as possible getting a second job, but what the heck, I'm just getting bored during weekends so might as well be "gainfully" employed. Now, the only problem is I already forgot C++ . Waaah!! I mean, sure I was a C++/Visual Studio developer but that was 5 years ago. Man, I cant even remember what I ate for lunch, how am I gonna remember what I did from such a long time ago?

I'm just gonna study C++ again (sigh) and put on my most grievous looking face during class. If someone asks me a question I don't know I'll beat my stick on the table and say "How dare you challenge me!! FOOOL!!!!".

Bet they wouldn't ask any questions anymore then.

Bwahahahahahaha!!!! Beware the dark lord of C++ programming.. Bwahahahaha!!
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