Saturday, February 17, 2007
Last night, I tried to unwind by playing chess. The previous two days I posted a 1.5/3 so I wasnt really happy with my play and had wanted to string a few wins. As it so happens I won the first two, the second of which is against a 1771 player, so I was really happy. I was gonna sleep but decided against it and played another game. A 1450 player answered the seek, and I.. lost.

Now the loss itself aint no problem. But when I was losing, someone else kibitzed and said "You are waaay over-rated, just resign man".

Somehow it made me soo mad. I mean I dont even know that dude and here he is rubbing salt against my wounds. So I asked with what the hell is wrong with him and he said he is just watching his student beat me.

Look before we go any further, I'll have everybody know right now - this isnt the first time I lost to a lower rated opponent. I've lost against everybody. Players from 1200 to 2100 rating. I never said I was Nezha "The Invincible".

On the other hand, I'll give an arm and a leg if anybody will raise his arm and said that he never ever lost against a lower rated opponent.

Well anyone? Didnt think so too.

Sheesh.. (Grumble2x)

So I was stewing and stewing and as a result I decided to play successive 30/30 games. Next thing I know it was 6am and my somehow the world keeps spinning around me. So I slept.

But was still mad when I woke up.

It got me thinking, why am I losing against them? I'm now at 1766, been there for at least a two months now. Why cant I assure that I lose only to 1700 players above?


Well anyway, I decided that I am gonna give it my best shot the next time I play. I mean, I always move too fast. I'll start with 30 min and end up with 35mins, deciding and disregarding candidate moves at warp-speed. Of course my brain is as fast a tortoise so I know this is one reason preventing me from winning.

So I started a seek even before brushing my teeth and it so happened that an 1895 player answered. More than 100 points in difference. Gulp!

This is the game

I won!!!

Well would you look at that. The interesting thing about this game is that

  1. At the end I only had 15min left while my opponent still has 30min (This is a 30/30 game) - so does this mean that I had to work twice as hard to beat someone 100points higher?
  2. I found a 5-move trap!! Check out 28..Nc4 - I was sunk in thought for a long time trying to find a tactic and by george I found it. The point of move 28..Nc4 is move 32..Bf8. It actually went down according to plan. - I really have to give my brain time to think. Maybe I'm not as bad in tactics as I thought I was
  3. If one is winning, what does one do? Simplify right? Not here - I was feeling a little "frisky" and decided to construct a mating net. Simplify shmplifly. Mate ends all.

We'll in the end, the taunt last night did end up for the better as it gave me a jolt and allowed me to win against someone far better than me (I cant remember the last time I beat an almost 1900 player) - But unlike some, I'm grateful for the chance given me. Because personally, I would never, ever taunt a defeated opponent.

I think this is called decency.
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  • At 7:13 AM, Blogger Fierabras

    Good thing you can censor those frustrated over-the-hill chess coaches. I have experienced a lot of abuse, because of my high difference between my standard-rating of 2100 and my blitz-rating of 1600. I have been accused of cheating countless times and have tried to explain that I suck at blitz and don't care about my blitz-rating and as a standard player I try to be really precise and not loose. To no avail...

    You already know the answer to your question. Like I said before, take your time and be precise. Next to decency, patience is also a virtue.

  • At 6:22 PM, Blogger Edukator

    All in all, the ratings in chess are supposed to be based on probability...even a player with a 500 lower rating could possibly win. It is why the games are played in the first place! I am very disappointed with the coach and see it more as boasting (perhaps making up for shortcomings in other areas?) than anything else.

    I am glad to see you rebounded quite nicely.