Sunday, February 18, 2007
I Fear the Dragon
I know that I win or lose not because of the opening. I know squat about opening theory and I seem to win every now and then. But there is one that seems to give me problems. Being an E4 player, I couldn't avoid meeting it and when I do, somehow I seem to fare really badly.

I'm talking about the Sicilian Dragon.

Last night I played a game against this 1820 player and when he played 1..c5 2..g6 I was like "Oh no!" For truly when 'it' is played. 'It' makes me tremble, for 'it' will devour me, and I really fear 'it'.

Of course I have every confidence in my abilities, or so I tell myself, and accepted the challenge by castling queen side. I can sense the danger from the dragon bishop but invited it nonetheless. Besides I had plans of sac-sac-mate along the H-File, and I thought if I just took my time and watched out for tactics, I'll be fine.

Alas, it was not to be.. This one turned out no different from almost all my games against 'it'. A defeat. Not only that but a miniature no less. Obliterated in under 20 moves. Posterized so to speak. Oh the agony.

Now, I'm getting tempted to do what I don't what to do and study an opening line - an anti-dragon line. Or perhaps I should play the dragon myself to get a better feel on how to defeat it. One must know the enemy to defeat it they say.

Ahh.. 'it' is driving me nuts..

How to slay the dragon... How to slay the dragon..
(Nezha paces back and forth. Hands behind his back. Head looking at the ground)

Btw: I play the Grand Prix but it seems way cooler to castle on opposite sides and go for respective flank attacks. (Plus all those Corus games I watched biased me to the open sicilian)

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