Tuesday, September 29, 2009
So close.. so close...
{Game 176 (mantakaya vs. Barnaul) Barnaul checkmated} 1-0
Standard rating adjustment: 1790 --> 1799
Standard rank: 773/5098 (up 34)
Standard hrank: 739/5062 (up 34)
You have achieved your best active rating so far.

If it wasn't for that stupid draw the last game, I would already be over my all time high of 1801 right now. Anyway, this game is really satisfying from the point of view that my opponent was an 1800 player. I mean, I will never consider myself an 1800 player if all I do is beat up on 1500 players and gorge on their ratings. No no no.. As I've said before, to be the man you have to defeat the man.

Interestingly enough, I'm pretty sure something changed in my chess playing style. Its not a secret who my favorite chess player is. But you know, my talents are far short of the requirements to play in such a manner. For example, in this game he sacrificed his queen in this position

Who have the guts to play Qxf6?

No matter how I try, I wont be able to play like that. Such a sorry state to be in..

But having realized that - I'm now starting to play in.. in a more unhurried style. Concentrating more on scanning for threats than in creation of my own. Of course that doesn't mean I play passively, only that prophylaxis and strategy has gotten a boost in consideration when choosing moves.

Here is the last game

And some of the critical positions and what my thought was regarding them:

Bf6?! - Two bishop moves at the opening. Wasting time. It would have been better to develop another piece.

'How undemocratic for instance, it would be to let one of your officers go for a long walking tour, while the others kicked their heels together at home and bored themselves horribly.'

1. f4 - The acquisition of space is of prime importance. I now have what Nimzo calls the 'mobile' pawn center. This center will move and crush all! or so I was hoping. He should play to 'restrain' or to 'kill' this pawn center.

'Such a pawn must be executed or put be put under restraint. Accordingly we can condemn the criminal either to death or imprisonment for life. Or we can pleasantly combine the two by first condemning him to death, then commuting his sentence to life imprisonment.'

2. Nd8?! - Although it covers f7, in cramped positions it would be better for the side where space is of a definite lack to exchange pieces so as to give his area 'Air' (Air is not always free in chess). Also the queen should not have been in there. It's getting in the way of the light squared bishop. We must always be mindful on how to coordinate our pieces so they do not hinder their comrades.

For my part here is the strategy -

'Playing on the basis of spatial advantage is in a sense a question of blind faith. You see no targets in the enemy position and no way to force any weakness, but merely attempt to solidify your own position allowing simplification only when absolutely necessary or clearly favorable in the belief that your opponent will sometime feel obliged to make make concrete concessions in terms of pawn weaknesses or outposts in order to avoid suffocation.'

3. f5 - The pawns are rolling. Choo choo! - The end is near.

Now before I give the impression that I saw everything and everything went according to plan, I and it, actually did not. What bothers me is that I only see possibilities after moving. It shouldn't have been that way. It should be that, I should see before I move the contours of things which is to come.

But no, mostly I go 'hey wait a minute! I can do this..' when the position is already revealed. Still, at least I found some of the good moves. But things can be better..

Anyway, I hope to get that one point later.. sure would be good not to go on a losing streak right now.. :nervous:
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