Monday, September 28, 2009
Takeback requested
Now, let me just say I totally understand his position. And there are no hard feelings on my part. However, I think blunders are part of the game. I've blundered my fair share and took it in the gut like man.. rawr!

The position

bishopspectre: oops...
bishopspectre: that was a mistake because i play on a real board with this....
mantakaya: a mysterious queen maneuver
bishopspectre: yeah, i'm sure you won't accept a takeback. especially since you were losing.
mantakaya: i did a mistake earlier.. didnt ask for takeback
bishopspectre: yeah, but that was ridiculous
bishopspectre: and yeah, knew you wouldn't
bishopspectre: don't expect it on FICS. it's know the kinda people we get
mantakaya: would you be satisfied if i allowed a takeback?
mantakaya: it is not allowed anywhere
bishopspectre: blundering a queen? oh yes
bishopspectre: well, if you feel cool winning like this.
mantakaya: sure.. blunders are part of the game
bishopspectre: well i don't look at the screen, i look at my board
bishopspectre: whatever
(Draw offer sent, accepted)
bishopspectre: *sigh* thanks...i guess

The game itself
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