Tuesday, May 22, 2007
To pay or not to pay
Matters has been progressing from bad to worst.

Last time, they wanted me to pay $10k dollars and I essentially agreed. However, this was a lot of money and so as usually happens in such cases, I changed my mind. What I did was - I went to the labor center and asked their opinion about the matter.

The labor center, having such good lawyers, patiently listened to my story - then asked my boss's number and then called him to verify my statement.

My ex-boss went ballistic when he got the call. The labor center gave their opinion that what the company is doing is quite illegal, and that the contract they gave me-asking me to pay for damages is invalid. My ex-retarded-boss could not do anything but to stand down and accept the decision of the bureau. However, since he got so angry he threathened to go to another bureau - the immigration, and file a complaint.

I personally think that my case is strong. That he cannot possibly do anything to have me detained to incarcerated.

However: my opponent is japanese, and I am in japan.

To put it in another way: if the situation was reversed, if he was in my hometown and sued me no matter how rightfully, I would win 99 time out of 100.

I am not familiar with the legal system here, nor with the hiring of lawyers and the asking for appointments from high people.

And what if the said high-people just looks at the nationality and judges based on that?

Such things happens..

And if my luck turns out badly: then what do I do?

So: even though I think I have a case and that I feel he can't do anything but huff and puff futilely, I asked the agency to mediate between us. Basically, I said I am gonna pay. Only
can they make the amount smaller?

In this way, I am hoping to bait them into softening their stance. Boy, I sure hope they do. I cant think about anything but this thing. So much so that sometimes I think I can do anything just so I can get over it.

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