Sunday, August 16, 2009
Disciplining my thinking process
A few days ago, I realized that I have a very lazy approach in over the board play. I would look at a position, see a somewhat reasonable move, 'calculate' one or two moves deep and then play.

Which is ironic given that when I'm solving puzzles, its normal for me to sit on a position and sift through variations looking for the correct move. And yet in an actual game, I cant seem to do the things I practice.

This is an old problem and there are times where I despaired of ever curing it.

But anyway, I resolved to at least force myself to analyze more deeply and to do deeper a variation and stop analyzing only until everything is quiet and there are no more forcing moves.

To 'cure' my thinking process so to speak.

This game is the result.




I used the word I ironic and here I am forced to use it again. It is ironic thatin a game where I tried to "apply" my new found resolve, it will be one wherein I would find myself making patzer moves after patzer moves.

Its funny how the things we avoid are the things that happens to us.

And most hurtful of all is that I have been hard at work analyzing games and going through the Art of Attack book. Only to fall for such elementary tactics.

There are deaths, and then there are deaths.

In disciplining my thinking process, my thinking process disciplined me.

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