Monday, August 03, 2009
Attack on the uncastled king- the open E-file/Weak F7 square
Continuing my previous post..

Here are two games I played recently demonstrating the weakness of the F7 square and the danger of the e-file. Oddly enough, the opening most conducive in exploiting this weakness seems to be the italian game. Well, it seemed to me at least.

1. I lost this game although I think I did enough to win. Two passed pawns and a cramped enemy should had been enough. But alas, my technique is not what it used to be. (Time pressure also contribute heavily). Just goes to shown that a few imprecise moves ruins a good position.

2. He just made some blunders. Although this miniature did re-enforce the idea of the weakness of the F7 square

All in all, these had been two good games training--wise.
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