Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Hey, wanna see my apartment?
Since I've changed job, the commute was killing me. Well, its only 35min from the job site to the station near me, but there is a 20min walk from the station to my house. Everyday, I would find myself dreading to come home because of that walk. I could take the taxi, but the meter drops so fast...I'd rather walk than lose that much money.

Anyway, I've posted about my inability to find a new apartment because the japs are "saving" it against us foreign heathens, but last week somebody accepted my application at last. I am moving this saturday to my new place. Just a small pad, but its much closer to work, and the walk until the train station is cut into 8min. A very big improvement. Plus this one costs only about $700(us)

Here are the pictures of my new home:

There isnt anything here for the moment as I will be moving this saturday. But I plan on buying that bravia TV, and some nice stereos. Hehe, after I play my first DVD - my neighbor aint gonna be friends with me I think.If youre interested in finding me - Here is a map of my house and my work place (Plus one particular spot of interest =>)

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