Wednesday, July 11, 2007
I brought a few chess books here with me. I was intending to take it up again this last few months. I am particularly interested if I could somehow understand now the concepts presented in "The Art of Attack". The first time I read that book, it did nothing for my chess. Of course I was so very "young" then chess wise that reading that book is akin to a kindergarden reading a treatise on algebra. I could understand the words, but I could'nt understand the words if you know what I mean.

Only thing is, I have been spending so much time in the office. I go home around 10-11pm everyday. There is no mandated overtime, and the job is really easy I think for an experienced network administrator. But thats just it. I'm just a newbie when it comes to this network thing. My boss would come and ask me to configure a DNS, then troubleshoot the NFS settings, etc.. and I would go like "Uhm, yes.. I will investigate" and proceed to google the mess out of what he was asking me (Note: I was a programmer for ten years. Now I'm a network admin).

Most things you can find in the internet, if you know what to look for. But sometimes, the solution to a problem involves understanding a network of inter-related subjects. The solution might just be inserting a line of text into a file, but to know where that file is and what it does and how it affects the system..learning these things takes a lot of time..

And so I spend my days reading, and reading, and reading..

I suppose this situation will continue for a few more months. There is a lot of things to learn about unix/linux and related technologies. A lot of things to study.. no time for love.. =<

I'm out like the price of PS3..
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  • At 12:13 PM, Blogger transformation

    im not suggesting you go the way of mythographer joseph campbell,

    but in addition to being an athlete,

    and probably not as emotionally evoloved as his wisdom focused writing might suggest (just look at his eyes, all sucked in, and no connect, but talking to himself interminably),

    he used to say: work more, sleep less. but it sounds like you are doing enough already.

    i never hear from you. is it possible youve either not been to my blog, or are indifferent, or do not appreciate exchange??? himmm?

    maybe i need to stop commenting, but you are such an interesting person. :)

    take care, david

  • At 2:36 AM, Blogger Nezha

    hello david.

    I read your blog, and appreciate the comments. I just havent been able to answer lately as ive been too busy with work.

    But I do read your blogs (and those of the other knights)