Sunday, August 12, 2007
A Game (or two)
Do you now what a MUD is? its an online text-based game. Yep, that's right, text-based. No graphics, no music, no nothing. You play by entering commands like "Pick gold" and "Move to the north". You may ask, how anyone can play such a thing, and the only reason I can think of is the same reason why anyone would choose to read a book instead of watching the movie.

Anyway, right now, I am getting addicted to this game. But this is not what I wanted to write about really. What I wanted to write about was that, in this game, and in this world you can play - wait for it.. chess! yay!! (But of course its still text-based so you have to enter your moves via commands like "move e1 to e4")

Anyway, I played it inside that world against a so-called "Chess master" and soundly defeated him (or her/it) and I did it by capitalizing on the queen-side pawn majority. And you know, I was so happy because I won using a "strategic" technique instead of just pure tactics.

So what happened was I got inspired to play at FICS again. Maybe I can win some using this new found "clear head" thinking. I mean, during the game I found that I am not thinking of anything. No tactics, no strategy. I've not played for such a long time that not thinking about such thing is the only option. But the irony of it all is that, by not thinking of any particular tactic or stragy, I found ideas coming to me during the game. How every "zen-like" so to speak.

So I put on a seek and within a minute a player named BehemothTheCat or something, rated 1901 answered it. Of course I lost but I didnt mind because at the end I only had 1min to my time and he, only 4. A sign of a very tense, very good game. There was no major tactics until the very end, and is because my calculating powers have lessened so much it goes on only a few moves deep (The tactic that felled me was a counter-combination to a combination) Nothing a few more games can cure.

Well anyway, maybe I will continue playing again. Inside lusternia, or in FICS from time to time. But I dont think I will study. Just play for my enjoyment, and to test certain techniques that I've developed all on my own :)

Huh!? What do you mean teach you the techniques!?

You dont want me to teach you. Why? the answer is found at the right corner of this blog. In the "About me" section.

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  • At 11:49 PM, Anonymous adam ponting

    Unfortunately, life is not all rosy at FICS. I just played your friend BehemothTheCat, rated 1885, and when i beat him and thanked him for the game he said
    "you cheat." then
    BehemothTheCat says: at what point did you turn on the computer?
    BehemothTheCat says: you lost a king
    BehemothTheCat says: SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!!!
    and then censored me, so I couldn't respond. This is not so rare behaviour, but I expected more from higher rated players (I'm usually about 1750).

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