Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Why is it so slow
I didn't think it will be this hard..

I'm down to 1200 on the CTS (-300pts) and the tactics I miss are of the garden variety 1-ply simple fork kind. Good grief, hope I don't have to go through that seven circles again to regain my mojo.


Ive exhumed my old chess books and I'm perusing my collection in order to determine what to use this time. I'm of a mind to use the 'Art of Attack'. I have this weird idea that came to me while walking around on the mall. Wanna know what it is? Here, let me tell you - the whole purpose of the middle-game should be to place the pieces on certain squares or to achieve a certain piece alignment. For example, in order to lunch a kingside attack a knight, a bishop and a queen should be placed on so and so square first, and then lunch the attack.

I know, I know.. a revolutionary new idea huh.

I figured the aforementioned book has the collection of piece placement and so.. what the heck, read it again and see if I understand it better that when I read it 4 years ago.

But I shall not touch that book yet. I want to get my rating up on CTS to at least 1400 first.
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