Saturday, August 08, 2009
Having a rough patch due to a losing streak lately. Ive lost everywhich way I can imagine. Pawn endings, outright blunders, simple combinations. You name it, I lost it.

And then I played this game and lifted my spirits up a bit.

Although, all those loses is not a total loss I guess as I'm slowly re-learning things. Particularly regarding the importance of time and rapid development (Looking at the final position below, I got all my minor pieces developed with the rook coming up - as against his bishop and knight)

What I like this game is that I once again tried to think things through. Those last few games, I think I didnt analyze the positions nearly enough. And in here, even though time control is 30/30 and it only lasted 12 moves, I consumed a full 15 minutes. Particularly on the 11th move, I spent almost 7 minutes thinking about the position until I got the idea of h4.

Oh, btw my oponent didnt seem to think that much. The longest he took was about 6 minutes and then he just abruptly resigned.

And I just re-read anderssens immortal game hence the kings gambit.

- Some days are better than others :p -

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  • At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Good you're back again. I enjoyed reading about your learning process, especially the "how I got to 1800" post.
    It's normal that it takes some time to get back into the mood once you take a long break.

    Mistakes that really hurt are important so you won't let your guard down. And when you make less and smaller mistakes it's important that the level of mistake that causes you pain goes down as well, so you still have an incentive to improve further. I think your opponent underestimated you and thought he wouldn't have to think and would win almost automatically. Big mistake by him. Nice attack by you.

  • At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    What has your rating improvement been since you started blogging?

  • At 8:03 PM, Blogger Nezha

    Sorry for the late reply, is quite busy at the moment.

    But to answer the question, I'm hovering at the 1400 mark. I'm so far away from 1800 its ridiculous. Chess is not like bicycle it seems where one can take a break and expect to pick up from where you left off again.