Thursday, December 21, 2006
Practice!? We Talkin About Practice!?
How Silly Is That..

One of the sports I follow, aside from chess is the NBA. I have had a few favorites. Larry Bird, and Dwyane Wade comes to mind. Now I dont know how someone can become your favorite, but it usually just is. Theres no apparent reason for it. You just like someone and thats that. But there was somebody who made himself my favorite. He was the only one who was like that to me. He was just too real. When he talks, when he plays. When I watch him, the emotions coming from the television is unbelievable. The man is oozing with energy I tell you. I even flunked my MBA because I couldnt stop watching the NBA finals back then (Lakers-Sixers). Of course a lot of people dont like him for the thug image and the tatoos.

But cmon, tell me if there's somebody who can talk like this:

Now he just got traded recently to denver with Carmelo Anthony. The give-sucker-punch-backpedal-like-a-girl-guy? Yeah that guy. Two "keepin it real" guy in one team. And the number one and number two scoring leaders to boot. They could either win the championship, or try to kill each other. There's no in between. I'm serious. I'm licking my chops waiting for the next game. Its on friday, and I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, I got to practice more. I lost 5 in a row to a guy named "Rahmat". When we started playing, he was just 1680. Now we are both 1740. Hyukyukyuk!!! I've personally given him 50 points. And no, I aint no Santa Claus. (I dont know whats worse. Losing, or losing to a guy named Rahmat)

(I'm still mad at myself)
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