Sunday, December 17, 2006
Blunders Are Enemies, Blunders Are Friends
1. First - I'm back!!!

I managed to recover my pre-hiatus rating. Yup2x.. I'm happy and all is fine with the world.. Yup2x.. :)
  • Rating 1773
  • Win 133
  • Loss 94
I managed to do this by having an 8-2 record for the last ten games. Now all that's needed is to post a positive record, say 6-4 for the next ten, and I will reach 1800 soon. Of course two weeks ago, i had an 8-2 record too.. however, I lost 6 straight and plummeted down to the low 1700's. Chess is like that. Sometimes you get the squirrel, and sometimes the squirrel gets you.

2. Blunders is my Friend/Enemy

I played a game against an 1750 player. It was a french defense, and I used the Josh Waitzkin variation. That not really its true name, but it was featured in CM10 and still remember that it gives a tactically rich position in return for an isolated queens pawn. True enough, we came into this interesting position:

(White to move)

The tactical possibilities are off the charts. Of course I immediately blundered a piece away after this. I would have resigned except it was just too nice a position not to play through. Its a good thing too because I managed to equalize thru some tactical wizardly, yay! - Thats when he blundered away his queen. At first I couldnt move for two seconds. I was completely puzzled. Then the puzzlement turned to glee, and I immediately took advantage of his mistake. You know what happened next? He requested a take back. What the!!? He flooded the console with requests.. I rejected him but still he goes on and on and on.

I dont know how other players feel about things like that but - Asking take backs is not something I would do. Blunders are a part of the game. The struggle not to commit mistake is one of the things that make chess interesting. True tis painful - but thats part of chess. Just like pain is part of life.

(Sidenote: I find it absurd that some school outlaws competition so everybody can be "winners". What!? the fools, what are they teaching kids? You cant win them all. Everybody loses from time to time. This is a fundamental fact that must be accepted. Otherwise, it will only result in pain. I have a nagging suspicision that decisions like that was made by old geezers who wasnt able to withstand what life gave him. The poor sod)

Full game text:

3. The Dark Secret!!

You know the old levi's commercial? The one they used to introduce the button-fly jeans? The one that goes "Everybody has their dark secrets. I havent zipped my fly in 10 years. No sir". Yeah, that commercial. Well I'm proud to say that Nezha has his own secret too.

I havent washed my pants in four months. No sir!

Not a drop of soap nor hint of fabric conditioner has touched my beloved jeans. I'm trying to see how long I can go without washing. Its still in the "kinda ichy" stage and so I can still bear it. I think I'm gonna wait until the "It smells like dried urine" stage. Although I'm considering whether to try and go for the "It doesnt bend anymore" stage.

What!? You dont need to know these things?

Well, I feel you do.
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  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight

    The people who ask takebacks when it wasn't an obvious mouseslip are just annoying (I never ask for or give mouseslips: draconian but in the world of internet wankers it eliminates any room for whining on either part). I think in thousands of moves, I have made maybe three mouseslips. One was a better move than the move I had planned!

    Even worse is when they "adjourn" (i.e., purposely disconnect to avoid losing). I now have notakeback=1, noescape=1 and make it so that they have to have those settings to play me. If someone disconnects, they lose.

  • At 11:30 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight

    I never ask for or give mouseslips

    Err, that sounds kinky. I meant takebacks.