Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Book, Help!!
I've been itching to buy a new chess book to read during train rides, but i cant decide which one. I can buy them all, but i prefer to buy one only and then study the mess out of it before buying another. Here are the books I've been considering lately:

But first:

- My system -
I've always wanted to read this. Reading about Nimzo shouting "Tarrasch you fool!" doesn't get old somehow. Plus I'm really interested in knowing how exactly he saved the chess world from the banal thinking of the classicists thus heralding a new age of refined thought. But the latest edition is going to be out on 12/30 and I want to buy one now. My fingers are itching, i don't know if i can hold on till then.

And without further ado:

1. Logical Chess move by move - Seems to be okay. The writing style is light and seems to have diagrams so i can follow without a board. Very important for train rides

2. How Karpov Wins - Hmm, a treatise about Karpov. This is a player I've always wanted to see in action. However this is a praxis book. Not an instruction book I think. Can I learn through osmosis i wonder!?

3. The middle game - I can compare Euwe's writing style to that of my professor way back in college. He used to teach religion and philosophy both at the same time. He's favorite theory was celibacy was not really a vow but more of a guideline. Furthermore, the actual words used in the oldest scrolls was actually celebrate. And yes, i just made this whole statement up. Anyway, the amazon reviews are great and this is an instruction book after all so I'm also considering strongly.

4. Judgment and Planning in chess - I had this book a long time ago, but left it back home. But perhaps reviewing it will serve me well. This is Euwe's book too. And no, no more classless jokes about imaginary professors for you.

5. Modern Chess Strategy - Yet another middle game book (YAMB). I read the table of content and it does seem to cover a lot of ground. Also, a lot of people swear by this book judging from the amazon reviews. Words such as "Nimzowitch made easy", "Just short of perfect", "Exploded my ratings 100 points", "I got 400 points in 400 days" was used to describe this book. And yes, i made these up too. =>

Well, that's about it for now. If anyone can help me decide on the above mentioned books, please let me hear the reasons.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL - better yet, if you have a book and want to co-study with me, then give me a holler. I'll buy it and then lets study it together (via FICS)

Studying all alone is no fun. Lets "open-source" our knowledge (Besides I've always wanted to be part of a collective)
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  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger Fierabras

    "Chess for Zebras" by Jonathan Rowson would be a good choice for train rides. I have just started reading it and I have to say: best chess book ever!