Tuesday, December 05, 2006
A Conversation
(Sidenote: If you are the type easily offended, please don't read this post)

(Only you plays in the background)

Kramnik: This is place is very beautiful.
Leko: Yeah, but we have to keep smiling like this for the reporters.
Kramnik: Yeah, but look over there. Mountains
Leko: Where?
Kramnik: There, outside the window. Do you like mountains Leko?
Leko: Yeah, my wife and I went on a trip once on the Himalayas.
Kramnik: Me too, but you have to be careful
Leko: Huh!? why?
Kramnik: I broke my back in a mountain once.
Leko: What!
Kramnik: I said I broke my back.
Leko: Oh, haha.. I thought you meant.. haha.. yeah.. that's a bummer..
.. (awkward silence)
Kramnik: So was it as good for you as it was for me?
Leko: What!?
Kramnik: Our games..
Leko: Oh haha.. i thought you said.. haha, but yeah i guess so..
Kramnik: So you were satisfied?
Leko: Uhmm.. uh, it was a draw but i-i guess so.. yeah..
.. (awkward silence)
Kramnik: Do you like me Leko?
Leko: what!?
Kramnik: I said do you liiiike me Lek0?
Leko: (Blinks)
Leko: ..
Kramnik: Now I'm hurt, just awhile ago you said you were satisfied.. but now you cant even answer
Leko: No wait you have to smile.. don't stand up.. yes, yes.. yes i like you..
Kramnik: Really?
Leko: yes i like you.. please sit down
Kramnik: Oh leko! you make me so happy. Hold my hand, hold me and never let this champion go.

(hat tip to
jeskeets for the idea)
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