Sunday, December 10, 2006
Various Japanese Stuff
This is called "ramen". I had this for lunch a few hours ago. This is one of those things where, it just grows on you. When i first tasted my ramen some eight years ago, i found it bland and too oily. But now, i couldnt keep my hands off these things. When i see the noodles floating in oil, my veins starts constricting even before one sip. But I eat it anyway. Btw: There's lots of variation of this dish. Some get chicken feets, chicken heads, cow ankles, pig tails, etc.. in short, meat that cannot be sold. They bind these combination inside a net and boil it for 6-8 hours until it melts. The melted liquid is that brownish thing you see in there. Hmm, nyam2x.. delicious no?

Japan is supposed to be a budhist/shintoist(?) country but you wouldnt know it from all the christmas activities going on. Celebrating christmas? How dare the heathens! All the malls are replete with decorations such as this. Every corner even have its very own santa claus standing. Albeit one with slanted eyes shouting "irrashaimase" (welcome). This one is taken from venus fort in Odaiba. Highly recommended place for tourists. Its got an artificial sky that changes alongside the time of day. And the best part of it is - this place contains the most number of japanese babes in high tops and designer dresses.. just an overload of cuteness going all around.. err.. did I just say that? hehe.. lets just move on..

Alongside the venus fort is a kind of a car showroom. Only these one is like so big, it feels like a bazaar. However, it contains only toyota cars. Every car sold by toyota is represented here. From camry to prius to corolla. Even hybrids and lexus can be seen. There are even car simulations and you can ride automated concept cars for 300yen ($3). Just a fun place to be if your a car-loving geek like me. Btw: This is gonna be my next car. I used to drive a honda civic, but i decided to get this one next (Just to mix things up). Although when "next" is i dont know.

Oh please kind sir. Wont you give me some alms? (Still in venus fort)

And who might this handsome young gentleman be? Rumor has it, he is programmer by day, gigolo by night. Also known among the girls as the grand high mystic ruler of love. (But dont tell that to the girls as they dont know yet.)

(Next time ill take more pictures to show you guys. I've been regretting not taking any since i came here. But ive since bought a new camera and is looking forward on using it)
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