Monday, December 18, 2006
To Be The Man...
You Got To Defeat The Man!

Its just a month ago my rating was about 1630. It didn't bother me because I'm not sweating my rating as much as I used to. Ratings become important only because all the good players (read: 1800+) don't want to play with somebody with too low a rating. I know I don't. Not because I disrespect their ability and all. Its simply, I want to have a good game and I found out that I can defeat almost all 1600U without really trying (Read: Through sheer pattern recognition)

With that said, I'm finding that I want to reach 1800 again. I know, I know, I said ratings aren't supposed to matter. But "Nezha 1800" looks really good to me. Mmhmm, yesssah sure looks really fine (As if that number validates all those hardships I had to endure just to play chess).

There's only one problem. Take a look at my five latest games:

  1. + 1775 W 1467 LasseR
  2. - 1768 B 1829 AnesJamak
  3. + 1771 B 1532 mirrorring
  4. = 1776 W 2014 surround
  5. + 1781 W 1652 eBraun
Do you see the problem? I haven't been able to defeat an 1800 player in a long time. I find this really annoying because if I reach 1800 only by defeating 1700U players, the accomplishment would seem hollow somehow. Look at my man Rick Flair. He is taunting me:

Told you, didn't I?
To Be The Man, You Got To Defeat The Man!

So my quest is clear. Beware Mr 1800 man, Nezha is lurking. Nezha is waiting for you. Nezha is watching Rocky IV right now shouting with Mr. Lundgreen "I'm gonna break you! I'm gonna break you!". Nezha is looking at the mirror, pointing at himself and yelling "Your the man! Your the MAN!". Nezha is watching Dirty Harry Movies, chewing tobacco and mumbling "Go ahead punk, Make my Day!". Nezha is watching Hulk Hogan, Nezha suddenly rips his shirt, looks left to right, and goes "Hoooooo!".

(Kids, don't try this at home)



The things we do for ratings
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  • At 5:38 PM, Blogger JPro

    Maybe you should adjust your seek preferences, perhaps restricting players to 1700+ :) - java