Monday, December 18, 2006
Don't Ask
(Note: Dont ask why this is here, just.. never mind..)

You Dont Say Kind Words

Your voice lights up,
and we will talk for hours.
Now I call late at night,
but you say your sleeping,
and gently put down the phone.
I don't hear kind words anymore.

I mail everyday, and try to say hi,
I tell funny stories just like before.
"Its great to hear from you, but gtg",
was the only answer i got.
You don't say kind words anymore.

Oh baby, I still remember your words
"I love you so dearly, your my friend..
you make me happy, don't leave me"

But now we hardly talk..

We loved each other so much.
it seems not possible but,
Is this goodbye?
I need you to tell me the truth
(I don't need kind words anymore)
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  • At 3:57 PM, Blogger Patrick

    sounds like she is being a brat. please stop emailing her everyday!

    maybe she's done with you for good, maybe she just needs space for awhile. either way, from your perspective, all you can do is step back and let her solve her own crossword puzzles.

    i didn't know whether to comment on a sensitive non-chess topic, but you DID publish it to a global audience and you DID enable comments. i have more to say about this topic, dealing with girls, than chess anyhow. GL

  • At 6:22 PM, Blogger Nezha

    Hahaha, Patrick you make my day (and of course its ok to comment)

    But its nothing like that. Its just a poem I created out of boredom :) - Well its in remembrance of an old flame but, she's long gone now.. This was for her true but, it doesnt mean anything now :)