Monday, October 24, 2005
The problem
Any half-serious chess player knows that the the chess world is in chaos. I had been following with great interest, topalov and kramniks responses to see their views of the situation. It is a little bit disappointing to say the least:

Let me share my views:

Before anything, I dont hate kramnik ok. Its just that all this talk of him having "his" title, or being the "rightful" heir to Stienitz is bothering me.

The problem with kramnik's "title" is that he treats it like a personal belonging. The crown is supposed to represent the world classical chess champion, and so in my opinion, the title belongs to the "world" classical chess population. Not the champion himself. Having it bestowed on a person does not give that person a right to keep it out of reach of challengers, rather having the title entails certain obligations. Certain obligation like, putting it in line at certain time intervals to give other chess players a crack at it.

But right now, that isnt the case. There is really no way that an Anand, or a Topalov, or any other eqaully deserving GM can challenge for the crown. Yeah, Leko had his chance, but one match in five years aint gonna cut it.

I dont know why this behavior is being allowed. It reminds me of politicians who treats public funds as personnal banks.

That office kramnik is holding has its priviledges, and accordingly, its share of obligations. Kramnik really has to do a better job of fulfilling them.

Well anyway, I dont think this can be resolved anytime soon. But if FIDE can really organize a candidates cycle, just like before. Nothing fancy, just organize something exactly like before. Like in the times of Tal, Fischer, and Petrosian.
(BTW, i know this had its own problems, but it worked right!? why did they ever tear it down in the first place is beyond me). Then kramnik's title will little by little lose its meaning. Sure he could do press releases telling everybody that he is the "rightfull" heir to steinitz, but as long as he doesnt open up that title and give other players a shot more frequently, then what's the point? Why should anyone care for "his" title if he aint sharing it? He can keep the title, while all the other GM's battle for the other title, the one within their reach.
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Friday, October 14, 2005
My Prediction Has Come True
Topalov won the tournament. A new king has risen.


Anybody else lonely here? post your secret now: postsecret
Just joking. But to tell you the truth - I dont know why, but there seems to be something missing in my life. Cant figure out what it is though. Maybe if I get to middle age, i'll be settled and contented like the old provincial man who so proudly wears their hats.

But life just seems so.. incomplete...
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Kinda Scary
Stepping away from chess has alowed me to be more objective in my assessments of my "chess" career, and showed to me its true impact on a persons life. What I found with my newfound outsider eye is this - The amount of time a chess enthusiast spends on the game borders on "unhealthy".

I mean, when I read chess blogs, all I see is - I spent all day analysing this.. learning that.. playing online, OTB, correspondence.. I bet, If we can perhaps tabulate the amount of time spent by your usual chess addict on the game, my guess is that it would go upward starting from 4 hours everyday (I know I used to spend this and more on weekends).

Now, if we replace chess with say - X-box, imagine what it would sound like? You spend 4 hours a day playing X-Box? Now, I dont suppose to compare X-box with chess (although there is chess in X-Box I gather, and so you can theoretically play 4 hours of X-box and chess both at the same time). But the point is - to an outsider, there is really no difference. They would think, and perhaps righly so, that a mature person aught not to spend such a large amount of time on a "mere" game?

- Ok, there is no point in this. Just sharing my obsservasion at this current point in time.


Anyway, heh - I told you all so.. Topalov will win. I nezha have applied my world renowned powers of prediction, and have seen all possibilities. Hey did anyone see his piece sacrifice against Svidler? I bet I can do that same sacrifice after 10minutes of think. And you my readers, I bet it takes you 20minutes..

I'm out like Anands chances..
(Yeah, I've been reading too many basketball blogs.. =>)
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