Friday, October 14, 2005
My Prediction Has Come True
Topalov won the tournament. A new king has risen.


Anybody else lonely here? post your secret now: postsecret
Just joking. But to tell you the truth - I dont know why, but there seems to be something missing in my life. Cant figure out what it is though. Maybe if I get to middle age, i'll be settled and contented like the old provincial man who so proudly wears their hats.

But life just seems so.. incomplete...
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  • At 9:24 PM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight

    Sounds like its time for a trip to:

    a) Some online dating service to find the yin to your yang. Everybody's doing it. Come on. It's gonna make ya' feel good!

    b) The bookstore for more chess books!

    c) The gym. "Endorphins needed," Nezha's brain screamed.

    d) The bar. A night of hanging out with friends and making inane toasts will either cheer you up or make you suicidal.

    e) Tijuana. That's always enough to cheer a guy up. Or give him the clap.

    f) A spiritual safety zone. Whatever that means. Hey, even if Marx was right and religion is the opiate of the masses, sometimes opiates can be soothing to the soul. (See endorphins comment above).

    g) A psychologist. If option f aint' your cup of tea, then secular salvation can be found in Freud's arms.

    h) Visit family, and get some perspective on things.

    i) Some group that meets regularly for social and cultural stimulation. E.g., a communist party meetup (crazy ass college kids), the local skeptics society (nerds with science envy), AA meetings (just pretend you are an alcoholic and I bet they'll accept you), astronomy club (nerds with enough money for telescopes), or even a running or swimming club (people trying to live longer and be fit).

    j) The restaurant with your favorite desserts: eat the emptiness away with chocolate and sugar!

    k) Bed. If the above don't sound any good, then try just sleeping all the time until the feeling goes away.

    l) The adoption agency or social services. Everyone knows the best way to cheer oneself up is to raise a bunch of children!

    m) The zoo. Those stupid monkeys.

    n) Springfield, USA. Mmmmmmm. Floor pie.

  • At 6:12 PM, Blogger Nezha

    hehe.. seems tempting

  • At 7:59 AM, Blogger knightwiz

    ahehea, nice post post blue devil

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