Monday, August 29, 2005
Being Yourself
In my quest to reach 1800, I considered it prudent to play in a more conservative manner. I mean, if i'm finding it difficult to get that last 25 points (I'm rated 1785 right now), then I also aint gonna lose points anymore. Its like a stock market chess. you know, reducing chess to cutting losses and stuff. So now, bearing that in mind, I strive to find moves that fulfill these two simple principles:
  • Play for very slight positional advantages, or at least equality
  • Not a losing move tactically
    Then I just sit there and patiently wait for my opponents mistake. If after two hours of play, and still I havent found anything, well then - I'm really quite satisfied with a draw. So i'm not gonna be a member of the fighting chess club huh!? But my thirst for winning, pales in comparison for my distaste of losing. So why not keep the draw always in hand? As i've said, I aint gonna lose any more points.

    But surprisingly, I had been winning. Paradoxicaly, in striving to keep the balance, I found that my opponent tries to upsets the position and lose by overextending themselves. Perhaps at this level - passivity has its virtues? I was actually expecting a long string of draws, and I get wins? Groovy.

    Anyway, so thats my "style" of play right now. But when a 2100 player challenged me, you know what I did? Instead of playing like that, I tried to complicate things, and attack. I lost in 12 moves. In a crushing style. I really had no business attacking like a young maniac. As much as I would like to, I aint no Nezhmetdinov. I'm just your average wannabe. So - be yourself when playing ok! no matter what the opp's rating is. Its the only way to play really.

    As a sidenote: I really should'nt play opponents rated +-200 points. I crush those 200pts below, and get crushed by those over 200 above. Chess ceases to be a game, and just turns into total obliteration. Win or lose, totally unsatisfactory.

    And oh, before I forget, Hello to Phorku!
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