Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Icewind Dale
Who else has played an RPG game like Icewind Dale or Neverwinter Nights? I used to play when I was younger. One of the things that you have to do is choose a character class before you begin the game. Then as you go on playing, you rise in strength and gain abilities according to what you selected at the start. Now, why cant we do that in chess? Wouldnt it be cool if a beginner can choose his "career" path beforehand? like in these RPG's? Anyway, here is a simple system that I devised to show you what I mean

1. Assassin
Silent and devious. The assasin silently stalks the prey. The intentions unclear, every move with poison. All seems to be calm, then suddenly, a knife in the back. Post-mortem cannot reveal the source of death. The assassin smiles inwardly, another good day has passed.
Prototype Player: Karpov, Smyslov

3. Fighter
Brash and arrogant. A master of all phases of the fighting art, the fighters methods are clear, his ways direct. Disdaining deviousness, and considering it to be dishonorable. You know what the figher is going to do. But you cannot prevent it.
Prototype Player: Capablanca, Fischer

4. Barbarian
Fearsome and fearless. Though not as strong in other phases of the game as the fighter, he has the highest mastery of attack than all the other classes. When the berserker rage has consumed the barbarian, the attack comes in waves and waves. Never asking for quarter, never giving one. Beware the barbarian, for when you face him - there can be only one.
Prototype Player: Nezhmetdinov

5. Thieves (Trickster)
Never turn your back on him. Lest you lose and get swindled out of everything. Tread carefully for a trap maybe there, a trap maybe there, indeed traps are everywhere.
Prototype Player: Marshall

6. Magician
The magician does not obey the laws of the land. Mysterious and puzzling. His power comes from sacrifices to unknown Gods.
Prototype Player: Tal

See what I mean. You choose first what kind of player you want to become, then the study plan given you would be specifically tailor-fit for that. Imagine if everything is as neat as this. We can start forming Barbarian Clans, Cabal of assasins, Guild of Thieves, Order of Fighters, School of Magics. Then we can start having tournaments between the houses. The tournament introduction would go something like this:

The king has died. Deep in the north, hoards of barbarin clans are preparing to lay siege on the capital. While the imperial army amasses a fearsome host of fighters to meet this threat, another war rages within the city itself. For the Cabal of assassins and the the Guild of Thieves are fighting within themselves supporting different heir to the throne. Blood had been spilled and more blood will flow before it is finished. While the masses look in the tower of sorcery. The old king had been one of them. Will it be again?

Welcome to the land of chess. A world harsh and forbidding. Where only a few survive. Will you be one of them? If not, dont worry, the land is large. You will not be missed
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  • At 2:41 PM, Blogger generalkaia

    Wow. I like your imagination. That would be cool if we could pick out our path from the beginning.

  • At 12:54 AM, Blogger JavaManIssa

    I agree haha. Interesting read. the italic paragraph sounded like warcraft 2 :p. Too bad this can't happen, your imagination made it fun :(

  • At 8:31 PM, Blogger roseraven11

    you know what, that would be fun. a lot of people see chess as nothing but a board game, just a bunch of pieces moving from one square to the next. what they don't see are the details - the ferocity of the queen, the stealthiness of the bishop (i dunno, but this always gets me), the struggle of the lowly pawn so he can rise in power. hehehe. ^_^

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