Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Thinking Process (2)
One of my very first blogs was about thinking process here:
Thinking Priocess

You know way back when I dont even know about the circles, I was really convinced that the secret to chess mastery lies in the posession of a "great" thinking process. I even made my own list. Wanna see my pathetic try? then click here. I even setup training gams with Dr. Fritzy. After it moves, I would run thru my list algorithm-like and try to find the best move - and this is what the list is all about right? A guide in finding the best move. Right? But time after time, fritz would oblitirate me. Mostly by doing something totally unexpected. And my overall play didnt improve, and worst of all - my enjoyment of the game totally collapsed. Because instead of thinking about chess, I became too busy thinking of that darned list. Hey, if I wanted to think about list - I'd go and shop with my wife.

Anyway, I wont discourage anyone of course from trying to implement their own thinking process. But as for me, I will never ever never never never implement a list-like thinking process again. Such a thinking process is too rigid for me. My concept of chess is not at all congruent with such a thing. When I look at a position, I wanna see lines of force, hidden diagonals, "magical" squares, ten-move variations. A list aint never gonna help me with these.

You know, its no secret my chess hero is Mr. Nezhmetdinov. Here is probably his most complicated game. A "real" queen sacrifice at the early middlegame.

Queen Sacrifice

But the "inside" story of this game is that, in the critical position, before Mr Gibiatovich sacrificed his queen, he sunk in thought for a very long time. An hour maybe (Some report indicates 40min, I cant confirm). This was a known drawing variation so chernikov walked away and watched another game. Maybe he couldnt understand what Nezhmetdinov was thinking so deeply at. After a long time has passed, a child came to him and said "Dada, a queen was sacrificed to you!".

(as a sidenote: A one hour think, now what can he be thinking about? Assuming he's not thinking about a hippopotamus, but rather candidate moves, the depth and width of his search may have reached stagering proportions considering the lenght of time he took.)

I think rather than try to implement a list - I would gain more by training myself to search for candidate moves deeper and wider. I found that Endgame studies are really ideal (Next blog topic =>) when it comes to this.
No I dont intend on quitting the blog. Its just that I may post a lot less than before. Not unless you want to know more irrelevant personal details about me =>
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  • At 12:49 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker

    I quite agree. Using a list is far too complicated. That's why I am trying to decompose the "thoughtproces" into tiny little skills that can be drilled seperate.

    Not unless you want to know more irrelevant personal details about me

    Now I have seen what became of Logis blog (http://logis.modblog.com/) I will not sham it.

  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger Jim


    I definitely hope you continue to blog. I always look forward to your entries.

  • At 3:12 PM, Blogger JavaManIssa

    i like your entries :)

    btw, nice game - rather debatable of whether the sacrifice was correct though :)