Sunday, July 10, 2005
Nothing To Say
Start of Irrelevant Personnal Details
I was out with the flu the past five days, so I havent been able to post anything. I tried solving problems while sick, but my head kept spinning and I felt like vomitting, so I had to give that up. After the 3rd day, I felt good enough to venture playing in FICS. I won two, but lost the third game when it got too long and my head started acting up again. Boy, this flu is different. I mean this is the first time I am under a constant state of dizzyness. Must be something in the water.

Yesterday, an "irridologist" friend of my step-father came over and diagnosed me. I was told I had a weak lung, a toxin deposit, signs of bronchitis, too much body-fat and I should cut back on grease. When I heard all that, I immediately stopped paying attention. I dont want to worry about such things as bronchitis. And come-on, cut back from grease? we all know that aint happenin.. hehe! I do love my pork chops.. nyum3x!!! arrrr!!!

End of Irrelevant Personnal Details

This blog was meant to track my progress in the circles. But now that the circles are finished. I am losing things say. I dont really have too much ambition chess wise. Get to 1800 perhaps and someday meet morozevich's girlfriend. But apart from that, nothing high really.

Maybe its time to play the guitar again?
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