Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Current Activities
I have downloaded and printed the 300 easy problems from the Dehascacchi tactics server. They are just 1-3 move problem, and I am going thru it every other day (Or whenever I feel like it). The plan is to go over it seven times of course. But it feels too easy. I just need to calculate a few variations before I get the solution. Might have to get harder problems soon so as to develop my calculating powers.

I have also registered at the chess tactics server. Developed by the same guys who support FICS, this site is really good. Basically it gives you timed tactical problems to solve. The problems are really very easy, But the time is so short, i.e. 3seconds, you are forced to scan as quickly as possibly for loose pieces. I have currently done about 80 problems. This is helping me increase my board scans (like mousetrapper) I think. But even if it does not, it feels like a video game so I am getting addicted.

I also am going thru the chess games at chess fm. I hope to find something that I can use in my games. (But what that something is, I still dont know).

I have decided to play as much games as I can too. So I try to play at FICS every day now. Just one or two 30/15 games. Right now, I have achieved an all time rating high of 1737 now. Whoohoo. What did you say? Am I cheating? Well of course I cheat. => When I first log in at FICS, I know that my brain is still sluggish. What I do is I challenge the guests, so even if I lose, I get no rating change.. hehe.. sneaky. But mind you, I havent won against the guests I challenge. They seem to be very strong. Makes me wonder what their rating is. Anyway, after that first game, I challenge players a little better than me, usually about 50pts greater. Or, usually Lliamah is there or Javamanissa, so I challenge them. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. But lately, I had been winning.. I am actually getting nervous as I had gone 5-1 the past six games. I am uneasy as its making me think a losing streak in on the way.

I am also going to buy something chess-related which is not something can help me improve, but something I think I can enjoy. Sort of like a prize for me completing the circles. Maybe the DVD's by Korchnoi or the DVD by Danny King? Reviews indicate them to be very good (funny)

Wow, sounds a lot - but actually, I dont have a schedule, so I dont do anything if I feel like it. Of course I usually do them, but the mere fact that I can stop whenever I want to makes a very big difference.

Thnx to all who gave me congratulations. and what happened to scitcat the hippo? (Did he go back to his marsh?)
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  • At 7:17 AM, Blogger Margriet

    A little late, but...
    Welcome in the hall of fame!

  • At 8:20 AM, Blogger takchess

    Congratulations Mr Nezh. I am glad you continue to Blog I find your postings interesting. It's nice to have you as an advanced scout to explore different ideas. I am curious if you have seen the pgn file (osmitz site) of the 300 most important tactics from Alburt book. I would be curious as to your thoughts on these. I am think that's my next step after ct-art hopefully in the fall.