Saturday, June 04, 2005
A Game I Can't forget
I played a game at FICS last night. It was against an 1850 player, so he was 150 points higher than me - But I didnt expect to lose. Though, I know that I might lose of course. One thing about the circles is that it gives you confidence.

Well anyway, lets see what happened there

White: 1850 guy
Black: 1705 Nezha
Time G20/20

1. d4 Nf3 - I was expecting the KID
2. g4 -

Whats this?
This is the first time that I've seen this move. I realized that he is offering the pawn in return for rapid development. I thought long and hard about my next move and felt confident that I can wheather the storm

3. e4 d6
All goes according to plan. His next move here is h3 I thought

4. h3 Nf6 - It is very satisfying when you accurately predict an opponents move
5. Be3 e5 -
If he takes with dxe4 - I was not averse to liquidating the center and exchanging
queens. The resulting endgame would be good for me as he has isolated pawns.

6. Nc3 Nc6
7. d5 Ne7
8. Nf3 c6 -
I am trying to undermine his center and preparing the move Qa5

9. Bc4
I sank in thought here. I can't take the d4 pawn of course. Then I hit on a plan

9. .. b5
The plan was to grab space. After he moves the bishop, I wll continue with b4
threathening the knight. He will move that of course, and then I will play c5.
He will have some serious spatial problems then - It may even be possible to slowly grind him down to dust.

10.Bb3 b4 - All goes accordinng to plan
11. dxc6
A sacrifice? Hmm, I didnt consider this. I thought about declining, but the temptation was too great

11. .. bxc3
12. Ng5 d5 - His attack begins. There is nothing to do but defend
13. exd5 Nexd5
A decoying move - but one I easily saw. But where to move the queen?

14. .. Qd6
15.Qf3 Be6 - My pieces are all huddled together. This is not good.
I was aware that he is going to move this. And has prepared my response

16. .. cxb2
Now he cant grab my knight on d5

17. 0-0
A move I hadnt considered. But logical now that I have time to think about it.

17. .. Be7
Preparing to castle and hoping that I have time to do it

18. c4
Now it seems my knight finally falls

18. .. b1=Q
A decoy gives him life gain

19. Rxb1
Now where to move the knight - I have to get it out of there. I have to simplify
as much as possible and so, I played the blunder of the game

19. Nxb1??
Why is this a blunder? I leave it up to you to figure out. But suffice to say
that I resigned immediately after his next move.

I really missed this tactical shot. It was a very easy shot to see and I saw it immediately after he moved. I think the correct response in this position is Nxc7 and a probable sequence maybe -
16. .. Nxc7
17. Rbd1 Qa6
18. c5 0-0
and maybe I can still hold the position together.

Where did I go wrong

I was so engrossed in simplifying that I immediately took that bishop without considering another move. This happens to me a lot of the time. Usually, I take my time, check my opponents response, and try to think of ways of meeting it. But then, at some point of the game, I get so enchanted by a move that I immediately launch upon that course without bothering to check my opponents threat.

This game, went over my head, again and again and again last night. I just had to go over it. I think the value of going over your games to see where you went wrong is that - It highlights the mistakes - and makes you feel emotions of disgust. This makes you remember it - Assuring that the next time, you dont make that mistake again.

Well, I really do hope I do. Actually, not to sound arrogant, but I am not really impressed with 1800++ guys. I think my current knowledge and skill enables me to defeat them. The only real roadblock is mistakes that I do like the one in this game here. If I could somehow not make those mistakes, I think I can get to 1800++ fairly easily.

Hehe, right - and while I am dreaming, I would also like a million dollars, and a mansion in some tropical island pls.
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  • At 4:32 PM, Blogger JavaManIssa

    The bishop take ended it all. You looked winning by about a piece before that, you should've played Nxc7 IMO.

    Anyways, you do play rather good just mistakes like in the game against me where you were winning about about half a pawn then you didn't calculate your sequence of moves correctly.

    What i really find helpful to learn not to make mistakes is puzzles that demand a lot of calculation eg Mate Studies. Studies aren't so good for recognition but i tell you it makes a difference in my play!

    I do think you could make it to 1800+ easily though :) gl

  • At 7:21 AM, Blogger Margriet

    An old little trick: Sit on your hands while thinking. Then first write down your next move. And then sit again on your hands. This helps taking bishops to soon.