Sunday, May 22, 2005
Problem 225
I am at problem 225. I'm doing good time I think. If all goes according to plan, I may be able to finish this week. I am already outlining my experiences doing the circles program, and its effect, good or bad on my game. I think, this epic post can last 150 pages. Dont know if anybody will read that monster, seeing as how, it can turn out like a legal treatise. But hey, crazier stuff has happened.

Also - At this point, some problems jump at me, but some problems I still dont have any idea. Its like the first time I've seen it. BUT, after seeing the solution, I remember that it was a problem I've solved quickly before. Huh!? youd think by now I would've memorized them. But, Nooooo! my brain just doesnt want to cooperate. Stupid brain.

Veselin Topalov won the mtel tournament in sofia. Ive been reading chess news now for a long time, and know his name of course. But I dont really follow his career. I dont have an inkling on his style. Like if somebody says "leko", you'd naturally think of a draw. Or if "shirov" youd think of complications. But "topalov" doesnt ring a bell to me. Maybe I should get acquianted with this guy here. We may have a new man in town.

Waitzkin Games
The other day, my wife made me hold the baby so I couldnt do problems as the baby kept grabing the book. So I just watched Mr. Waitzkin's games from CM10 again. This time, I was amazed at how I understand what he was saying a little better(compared from the first time). Because I've already played hundreds of games, and faced lots of openings, I can relate now to his discussion of the french, and the sicilian, and strategy and endgames. The thing about his games is that there is a constant message through it all. He is always saying Do not rush! Do not rush!. It is interesting to say the least. Maybe that style of play is the correct way to play chess. Maybe thats how I should play. Not rushing, just improving the position. Not lunging forward all the time. But rather, just opening a line here, placing pieces there, Instead of forcing the issue. This is certainly something that I have to think about. I'll try to review all of them at least seven times too, to really get to the heart of the matter - but after the circles of course.

I tried to play at FICS last night, but I keep losing connection after every 5 minutes. As a result, I had multiple games I wasnt able to finish. Apologies to the opponents who summoned my seek. Of course, I dont think anyone of them reads my blog, but still..
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  • At 2:31 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker

    do not rush

    Just maintain the pressure. You have to give your opponent the time to make a mistake.

  • At 10:07 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight

    Good luck this week, Nezha!! I look forward to all accounts of people's experience with the Circles, the longer the better!

    (Hey, Fussy, when ya' gonna throw us a bone?!) :)

  • At 1:44 PM, Blogger CelticDeath

    Good luck, Nezha. We are paired in the Knight's tournament (see RomaLvrn's Blog). I have posted on my blog when I can play. Let me know what works for you!